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For its part, the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) could begin its own negotiation blitz, but only “under certain conditions.”

A proposed settlement between Quebec and the FSE-CSQ | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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The CSQ Federation of Education Unions and the Treasury Board are arrived at a proposed settlement.


The blitz of negotiations between the Fédération des syndicats de l'teaching de la CSQ (FSE-CSQ) and the Treasury Board has borne fruit. According to information from Radio-Canada, the two parties arrived at a “hypothetical settlement” after a night of negotiations. This proposal was presented Friday afternoon to a body of the FSE-CSQ whose mandate is to study it, then approve or reject it.

In an email sent to the presidents of the unions of the FSE-CSQ, this organization writes that it is happy to announce [them] that at the end of negotiations which continued during the night, the Fédération des syndicats de education (FSE-CSQ) will present to its federal council at the beginning of the afternoon today a proposal for a sectoral regulation agreed with the government.

We will talk aboutagreement in principlewhen the appropriate authorities have ratified the settlement hypothesis. We will simply talk about an'understanding when the members have voted in favor of the agreement in principle.

It is the federal council which will be called upon to decide on the content submitted. Let us remember, however, that the question of salaries and intersectoral matters are still under negotiation at the central table of the Common Front. We will keep you informed of the outcome as soon as possible, we add in this email obtained by Radio-Canada.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file


Without wanting to give the details of the offer until it has been ratified, the President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, nevertheless declared in a press release that the various measures in the proposal will allow to offer better services to students and promote their academic success, in particular with improvements to the organization of work, workload, class composition, professional autonomy and x27;salary scale.

On the eve of the school holiday break, this is therefore a step in the right direction. On Wednesday, the FSE-CSQ, which is part of the Inter-union Common Front, rejected the government's latest formal offer, calling it a show of smoke and mirrors. This offer was also rejected by the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE).

According to ex-unionist Marc Ranger, Friday morning's announcement is excellent news.

But we are still far from x27;a global settlement, because there remains the whole [financial] aspect, the Common Front, the FIQ, he added in an interview with ICI RDI. And, of course, delegates and members may end up rejecting the offer.

According to Mr. Ranger, the pressure now rests on the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE).

Maintain an unlimited general strike [like that of the FAE], now that there is an agreement with one of the education players [the FSE], there are big big questions to ask on the FAE side.

A quote from Marc Ranger, ex-unionist

At midday on Friday, the FAE (whose approximately 65,000 members have been on strike since November 23) announced in a press release that it was open to the idea of ​​embarking on a blitz of negotiations at condition of being able to discuss union proposals.

The government still refuses to hear several of the union proposals that would meet the crying needs of teachers and their students, young people and adults. The management side is seeking to restrict the subjects to enter into a blitz, declared the president of the Federation, Mélanie Hubert, in the missive.

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Among the blocking points, we still find the composition of the class, a question considered sensitive. This includes being able to open new classes for students in difficulty.

It is absolutely essential to make real gains in this area, underlined Thursday Catherine Beauvais-St-Pierre, president of the Alliance of Professors of Montreal, which is a member of the FAE. Negotiations during the holiday season are not impossible, according to the union organization.

On Thursday, members of the FAE blocked access to the ports of Montreal and Quebec for more than two hours, as well as the entrance to the Lac-Leamy casino in Gatineau.

Rallies in support of public schools took place today in Montreal and Quebec in order to resolve the situation. We want to remember that we are behind the teaching staff and that we want a healthy public school, comedian Vincent Bolduc said in an interview with ICI RDI.

The citizen rallies took place in front of the Montreal offices of Prime Minister François Legault, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, as well as in front of the National Assembly in Quebec.

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Several Quebec personalities responded to the call of actor and author Vincent Bolduc to support striking teachers and Quebec public schools.

There is no vacation for the CAQ: Sonia [LeBel], François [Legault], Bernard [Drainville], you will eat your turkey then your pie with the "laptop" on your knees and your phone in your hands.

A quote from Vincent Bolduc, actor and author

Several artistic personalities have participated in this demonstration presented as a large citizen gathering to save public schools. Vincent Bolduc, Catherine Éthier, Simon Boulerice, Sophie Cadieux, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Vincent-Guillaume Otis and Isabelle Blais were among them.

The co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, as well as two other deputies from his party, Guillaume Cliche-Rivard and Ruba Ghazal, were also on site, as were several members of the FAE.

With information from Sébastien Bovet, Geneviève Proulx and La Canadian Press

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