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MQ Fa A Proclamation on Ladies’s Historical past Month, 2021 - The Times Hub

A Proclamation on Ladies’s Historical past Month, 2021

A Proclamation on Ladies’s Historical past Month, 2021

March 1, 2021
Presidential Actions

Every year, Ladies’s Historical past Month affords an essential alternative for us to shine a lightweight on the extraordinary legacy of trailblazing American ladies and women who’ve constructed, formed, and improved upon our Nation.

All through American historical past, ladies and women have made important contributions, usually within the face of discrimination and undue hardship.  Brave ladies marched for and gained the best to vote, campaigned in opposition to injustice, shattered numerous limitations, and expanded the probabilities of American life.  Our historical past can also be replete with examples of the unfailing bravery and grit of girls in America, significantly in occasions of disaster and emergency.  Ladies served our Nation throughout World Conflict II, led organizing and litigation efforts through the Civil Rights motion, and represented america on the worldwide stage within the struggle for human rights, peace, and safety.  Far too usually, their heroic efforts and their tales have gone untold — particularly the tens of millions of Black ladies, immigrant ladies, and others from various communities who’ve strengthened America throughout each technology.

In our present second of disaster, ladies proceed to guide.  From vaccine researchers to public well being officers to the numerous heroines on the frontlines, ladies are working across the clock to defeat COVID-19.  Ladies, and significantly ladies of coloration, additionally make up nearly all of America’s important staff, together with educators and youngster care suppliers, grocery retailer staff, farmworkers, and others who’re conserving our households, our communities, and our nation afloat.  This 12 months has additionally marked an historic milestone of girls’s management 232 years within the making, with the inauguration of America’s first girl Vice President.

As we have a good time the contributions and progress of girls and women, we should additionally replicate on the extraordinary and unequal burdens they proceed to bear right now.  The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated limitations which have held again ladies — significantly ladies of coloration — for generations.  Gender and racial disparities in pay proceed to fester.  A disproportionate share of caregiving continues to fall on the shoulders of girls and women.  And now, job losses on account of COVID-19 have set ladies’s labor power participation again to its lowest level in additional than 30 years — threatening the safety and well-being of girls and their households and imperiling the financial progress of our complete Nation.  The share of moms who’ve left the labor power is 3 times that of fathers; in September 2020 alone, an astonishing 865,000 ladies dropped out of the American workforce.  These traits are much more dire amongst ladies of coloration, with Black and Hispanic ladies dealing with disproportionately excessive charges of unemployment.  On the identical time, meals insecurity has risen dramatically for the reason that pandemic started, significantly in female-headed households with youngsters, as have experiences of intimate companion violence.

Since taking workplace on January twentieth, Vice President Kamala Harris and I’ve made COVID-19 vaccination, reduction, and broad-based financial restoration efforts a prime precedence.  Our objective is to not return our economic system to the place it was earlier than the pandemic struck.  Our objective is to construct again higher — and meaning creating a robust and sturdy basis for the financial alternative and safety of girls in America.  Our plans embrace proposals to offer particular person funds and tax credit to place cash within the palms of households in want; improve housing and meals help in addition to unemployment insurance coverage; decrease well being prices and increase entry to protection; improve assist for and entry to youngster care; and increase present paid go away insurance policies.  We’re additionally dedicated to creating additional progress on what, for me, has been a lifelong trigger:  decreasing gender-based violence, and advancing the protection, financial stability, and well-being of survivors.

Sixty years in the past, when former First Girl Eleanor Roosevelt confronted President John F. Kennedy in regards to the lack of girls in Authorities, he appointed her as head of a brand new fee to handle the standing of girls in America and tackle discrimination in all of its types.  We’ve made vital progress in america, because of the persistence and tireless work of numerous ladies.  I’m proud that the White Home Gender Coverage Council will construct on these efforts by placing a laser deal with the wants and contributions of girls and women, and guaranteeing a Authorities-wide deal with gender fairness.  Our Administration can also be dedicated to making sure that girls are well-represented in any respect ranges within the govt department:  already, we have now chosen a file variety of ladies who symbolize the variety of America to serve in Cupboard-level positions.

Throughout Ladies’s Historical past Month, allow us to honor the completed and visionary ladies who’ve helped construct our nation, together with these whose contributions haven’t been adequately acknowledged and celebrated.  And allow us to pay tribute to the trailblazers from the current and distant previous for daring to examine a future for which no previous precedent existed, and for constructing a Nation of limitless potentialities for all of its ladies and women.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of america of America, by advantage of the authority vested in me by the Structure and the legal guidelines of america, do hereby proclaim March 2021 as Ladies’s Historical past Month.  I name upon all Individuals to watch this month and to have a good time Worldwide Ladies’s Day on March 8, 2021, with acceptable applications, ceremonies, and actions.  I additionally invite all Individuals to go to www.WomensHistoryMonth.gov to study extra in regards to the important contribution of girls to our Nation’s historical past.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I’ve hereunto set my hand this primary day of March, within the 12 months of our Lord two thousand twenty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the 2 hundred and forty-fifth.

                               JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR.

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