A practically unknown painting by Manet at auction

A practically unknown painting by Manet at auction

The Drouot Estimations auction house in Paris will auction on Friday a painting by Édouard Manet that remained unknown to the markets for 140 years.

The canvas represents Minnay, Marguerite Lathuille’s little dog. The painter would have completed the work in about twenty minutes, reports the daily The Guardian, to then offer it to the young woman in 1879. The painting has remained the property of the Lathuille family since that time.

According to the official site of the auctioneer Drouot, the 32.5 x 24.5 work appeared once, in 1975, in the catalog raisonné signed by Denis Rouart and Daniel Wildenstein. Without being a major work of the painter, it is a good example of his technical skills, say experts.

Drouot estimates the sale price to be between 220,000 and 280,000 euros (338,000 and $ and 430,000 $).

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