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A policy on services in French will be presented

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The provincial Minister of Health and Francophone Affairs, Adrian Dix, spoke on the subject Friday morning. (Archive photo)

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Adrian Dix, provincial minister of Health and Francophone Affairs, assured that a policy on French-language services will be presented in January 2024. British Columbia is the only province not to have one.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Adrian Dix was questioned on the subject during an interview recorded Friday morning for the show Panorama.

Before January 15 or 16, we will present this policy.

A quote from Adrian Dix, Minister of Francophone Affairs

After the adoption in 2017 of such a policy by Alberta, British Columbia became the only province in Canada without one.

While it is still too early to know what exactly it will do in British Columbia, the French language services policy aims to provide a framework for maintaining and promoting the Francophonie.

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The Francophonie issue is progressing favorably, said Adrian Dix, who said he was determined to improve services in the French language. Promising concrete actions in 2024, he specified that the most important thing for [him] is to improve current services, whether in terms of housing or health.

In Alberta, for example, the policy on services in French calls for more government services to be offered in French, and for their quality and accessibility to be comparable to what is done in English.

The province of Ontario went further and adopted a French Language Services Act.

Such a policy has been called for by many members of the French-speaking community of British Columbia, and has been for years.

En last November, during the annual general meeting of the Federation of Francophones of British Columbia, Adrian Dix gave them hope by revealing that an announcement was going to be made on the subject.

With information from the show Panorama

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