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Police officer Christian Lachance claims to have himself been the victim of sexual gestures by his colleague who filed a complaint against him.

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A police officer from the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) accused of having sexually assaulted a co-worker claims that he himself was the victim of similar actions on the part of the complainant.

Christian Lachance, who faces trial on charges of sexual assault and voyeurism, alleges he was the target of an abuse of process.

In a motion debated Tuesday at the Quebec courthouse, he criticizes the authorities for having rejected his own complaint of sexual assault, to protect the credibility of his colleague who filed a complaint against him.

The events occurred during a party attended by several police officers from the same SPVQ work team, on August 20, 2021.

Alcohol flowed freely and during the evening, the complainant, aged around twenty, was taken to a room and laid down on a bed, due to her state of intoxication. /p>LoadingQuebec submits a new offer to teachers, rejected by the FSE-CSQ

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She allegedly woke up around 4 a.m., when Lachance was on top of her and penetrated her.

According to the lawsuit, the young colleague of work had not acquiesced in the sexual relationship and his condition, in any case, would not have allowed him to consent to it.

The police officer, who had just turned 50 at the time, also allegedly took photos of the complainant, hence the accusation of voyeurism.

His colleague filed a complaint on August 21 and Lachance was placed under arrest on August 23 by the Internal Investigations Department of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ ).

A lieutenant interrogated the suspect the same day during a filmed encounter which lasted nearly two hours, without him denounces his colleague.

He will do so a little more than a week later, in turn filing a complaint for sexual assault against the young woman.

According to the fifty-year-old's version, the young policewoman would have entered his bubble during the party, to hug him and lick his ear as well as his left cheek, we can read in his request.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">In the bedroom, she very openly made advances of a sexual nature to him, in addition to moving forward to kiss him.

She would also have placed her hand on Lachance's penis, before he left the room, reminding him that she was in a relationship with. They would later have a full sexual relationship, Lachance admits, but he intends to demonstrate that it was consensual.

Police officer Lachance's request, signed by his lawyer Mr. Charles Levasseur, criticizes the authorities for having rejected his complaint for sexual assault.

After a consultation at the office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), the Internal Investigations Department closed the file since Lachance's complaint would be frivolous and unfounded.

The defect and laxity in handling the applicant's complaint aimed to preserve at all costs the credibility and reliability of the witness.

A quote from Excerpt from the defense motion

According to the police officer's lawyer, the authorities wanted to protect the complainant so as not to affect her credibility for the trial.

In its motion, the defense criticizes disparities in the treatment of the two complaints.

Apart from the fact of being a man, indicates the request, the applicant's situation did not differ at all from that of his colleague.

The document accuses the police officers who handled Christian Lachance's complaint of x27;having conducted an incomplete and incomplete investigation.

The police and the DPCP showed willful blindness and shocking laxity, writes Me Levasseur. According to him, the authorities did not process the complaint according to the law, with the sole aim of not harming the probative value of the evidence against him.

These state embezzlements violated the applicant's right to full defense and rendered the judicial process totally unfair.

A quote from Excerpt from the defense motion

Christian Lachance's lawyer therefore asks the prosecution to complete its disclosure of evidence to obtain documents that could allow it to support a possible motion for a halt procedures.

The DPCP replies that certain requests made by the defense are covered by confidentiality and that Lachanche should send them to the SPVQ as part of his employer/employee relationship.

According to the DPCP, the fact that there were no charges against his young colleague in no way deprives police officer Lachance to have a full defense.

Judge Charles-Olivier Gosselin, who heard the motion for disclosure of evidence, will rule in February, on the defense's request, i.e. a few days before the start of the trial scheduled for March.

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