In Gostomel, Kyiv region, vandals carved a piece of the wall of a building with a drawing by a popular English artist known under the pseudonym Banksy. Law enforcement officers managed to find the violators.

A piece of wall with drawing by street artist Banksy

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Vandals in Gostomel cut the wall insulation of a building and stole Banksy's graffiti. Another image of the English artist suffered in Kyiv. Local “painters” added a Cossack to him. The British artist did visit Ukraine. Banksy left several of his works in the country. The images immediately caught the attention of the locals. The artist has not yet reacted to the news about the theft of his work in the Kyiv region.

Banksy, after visiting Ukraine, published photos and videos taken in this country on social networks. In the posts of the English artist, you can see the destroyed houses. On the walls of some of the buildings damaged during the special operation, Banksy painted images. On one of the dilapidated buildings, graffiti remains in the form of an elderly man with a gray beard, who is sitting in the bathroom.



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