A pharma in Quebec pays for a German lab

A pharma in Quebec pays for a German lab

A Quebec pharmaceutical which tests and analyzes around twenty vaccines against COVID-19 is getting its hands on a German laboratory to become the world number one in the field, has learned The newspaper.

“We went from 55 employees in 2015 to 360 today. Our revenues have exploded from US $ 8 million at the time to over US $ 100 million this year. We are buying the German laboratory of 80 brains to consolidate our position ”, explains Benoit Bouche, President and CEO of Nexelis.

Founded in Laval in 2015, the company joined forces with the Ampersand Capital Partners fund three years later and made a series of acquisitions, including Pacific Biomarkers, PAIRimmune, ImmunXperts, Gosselies and AIT Bioscience.

Number 1 worldwide

Today, Laval pharma buys a new team of 80 researchers from Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) in Marburg, Germany.

“We are becoming the largest company in the world in the development of methods in laboratory testing for vaccines in development,” continues Benoit Bouche.

In its field, Nexelis now has some 250 researchers working full time on vaccine testing around the world.

“There are 42 vaccines in clinical development stage in the world and we are working on more than 20 of them”, summarizes Benoit Bouche, whose work has been recognized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

When asked why Quebec is worthy of interest, Mr. Bouche does not take four paths: Quebec brains are worth gold.

“There is an interesting employment pool here. There is an attractive cost of living compared to Boston and San Francisco as well. We are also discussing with the government to double the size of our facilities in Laval within three years, ”he concludes.

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