A personal personal rocket launcher was assigned to Putin and his relatives

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A personal rocket launcher was assigned to Putin and his family

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Pantsir-S1 air defense systems, which were noticed in Moscow and not far from the capital of Russia, are aimed at protecting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his relatives from a theoretical Ukrainian strike. This was reported by   "Agency".

Recently, air defense systems have been noticed on houses in the center of Moscow and a short distance from the Rublevskoye highway near Moscow, where the Russian elite lives.

The conclusion that the air defense systems should protect Putin and his loved ones was made after the installation appeared near the dictator's Valdai residence. There are simply no other security facilities besides the residence.

Last week, a resident of Valdai in the Novgorod region shared a picture with an air defense system, which, according to him, was placed in the settlement a few weeks ago. The photo apparently shows the Pantsir-S1 complex. The same ones were seen in the center of Moscow and in the suburbs.

"Agency" notes that the air defense system appeared in Yazcher shortly after the drone attacks on Russian military airfields in the interior of the country.

Residents of Yashcherovo and neighboring villages said that the air defense system in Valdai is on combat duty – at least three military personnel are constantly nearby, the radar antenna turns around.

We add that Yashcherovo – one of the two closest villages to Putin's residence (a little over six kilometers in a straight line). The Valdai residence, although it is called official, almost does not perform representative functions. It is better known as a place of personal leisure for the dictator, his relatives and friends.  ;It was there that pop stars came to private parties. There Putin often meets with VIP guests behind closed doors.

It was in Yashcherovo that people close to Putin settled on a permanent basis, like officers of the federal security service.

At the same time, there is no critical infrastructure, strategic facilities, large enterprises or large concentrations of military equipment and personnel in this area.

In addition, since Soviet times, this area has been stationed air defense systems – The 42nd anti-aircraft missile regiment stationed in the village of Valdai-4.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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