A parrot in Australia throws plant pots off the balconies of apartments

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Australian parrot throws plant pots off apartment balconies

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A parrot in Australia kicks plant pots off the balconies of apartments, endangering people passing by, writes the Daily Mail. The authorities of the city of Melbourne are asking residents of the area to be careful and look up.

Screens of wild parrot throwing off pots have appeared on social networks. The incident took place in a busy section of Melbourne, so eyewitnesses urged people to avoid this area so as not to get injured.

"This happens every year.  mostly they drop plants, but also socks", — said one commenter.

Animal researcher at Western Sydney University John Martin was surprised to hear about this parrot behavior.

"Deliberately dumping potted plants from multi-storey balcony — this is something new for them (parrots)", — the specialist admitted.

In addition, the Melbourne City Council was informed of the situation and urged residents to remove plant pots and other food sources from the balconies of apartments so as not to attract birds.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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