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A painting by the Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk was sold for a record amount

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

A painting by Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk was sold for a record amount

A painting by Ukrainian artist/Goldens

Recently, the “Collectible Classical Art” auction was held at the Goldens auction house in Kyiv. Ivan Marchuk's painting “The Moon Rises over the Dnieper” was sold there for $300,000.

This is a new auction record for a work by a contemporary Ukrainian artist. The Goldens auction house announced this.

Ivan Marchuk's painting “The Moon Rises over the Dnieper” was sold at the last bid for $250,000 (the total amount, including commission and royalties, was $300,000). This set a new world record for sales of worksIvan Marchuk personally at Ukrainian and international auctions. This amount also became a record for all modern Ukrainian artists in general at world auctions.

The second record figure was also set for Olga Rapai's sculptural composition “Harlequin and Pierrot”, reaching the mark of $35,000 under the hammer . The amount exceeded not only all previous sales of the sculptor's works, but also of Ukrainian ceramics in general.

Among the works that were not sold at the auction and are available in post-auction sales, it is worth noting the paintings of Petr Levchenko, Volodymyr Orlovsky, Mihai Munkacha, Fedor Manayla, Yosyp Bokshay, Adalbert Erdeli, Serhiy Shishko, Volodymyr Patyk, Viktor Zaretsky, Goldens says.

Tenders were also held for the works of Abram Manevich, Isaac Pyles, Andriy Kotsky, Mykola Hlushchenko, Oleksiy Shevkunenko, Iryna Beklemisheva, Ferenc Seman, Roman Selskyi, Lado Gudiashvili, Opanas Zalivakha, Mykola Maksimenko.

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Ivan Marchuk is a Ukrainian artist whose creative output includes about 5,000 paintings presented on all continents of the world. For 50 years of creative activity, he held more than 150 personal and 50 collective exhibitions.

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