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A new Z-6B unmanned helicopter was presented in China: what a remarkable device

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

China presented a new Z-6B unmanned helicopter: what a remarkable device

The helicopter can be useful during naval operations due to the increased accuracy of artillery fire, in particular, long-range Eagle Strike missile strikes -18 and Eagle Strike-12.

In China, the Z-6B unmanned helicopter was presented at the Nanjing Economic Development Conference. It is expected that its capabilities will increase the accuracy and combat effectiveness of naval artillery, which will contribute to the growth of the helicopter industry and the military power of the country, reported June 11 in Army Recognition.

This helicopter, the authors of the publication note, is a tribute to the original Z-6 helicopter — the first Chinese helicopter with a turboprop engine, presented more than 60 years ago.

Machine capabilities

According to available information, the Z-6B can have a low radar reflectivity design, advanced optical systems and automatic identification system (AIS), and perform a variety of military functions, including reconnaissance, strike missions, anti-submarine warfare and port blockade.

The drone can operate from platforms such as the Type 075 multi-purpose amphibious assault ship of the PLA, potentially increasing the effectiveness of naval operations by improving the accuracy of artillery fire and overall combat effectiveness.

In addition, the Z-series helicopters -5 are equipped with means of emergency communication and signal relay, which makes it possible to effectively increase the range and accuracy of long-range missiles, such as Eagle Strike-18 and Eagle Strike-12.

Declared technical characteristics Z-6B include:

  • maximum take-off weight — 1600 kg;
  • load — 250 kg;
  • autonomous time — 8 hours;
  • maximum speed — 230 km/h;
  • cruising speed — 200 km/h;
  • control radius — 200 km;
  • practical ceiling — 5000 m.
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