A new version of the Titanic wreck was announced in the USA

A new version of the Titanic wreck was announced in the USA

The reason for the crash of the Titanic could have been solar flares that provoked a powerful geomagnetic storm that disrupted the operation of the navigation systems of the Titanic. This version was put forward by the famous American meteorologist Mila Zinkova.

A new version of the Titanic crash was announced in the USA

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Proof that this theory has the right to life are the numerous stories of the participants in the tragedy, who reported that they saw the northern lights before the crash. The release of charged particles from the central star could interfere with the Titanic's radio system and disrupt the operation of its navigation systems. The vessel eventually deviated from its intended course. In this case, even one degree in the compass readings could play a huge role. Geomagnetic fluctuations could also block the distress signals sent by the crew of the ship in the crash.

Colleagues of the meteorologist admit the existence of Zinkova's version. However, not all. Scientists propose to create a model that, while not giving an accurate answer to the controversial issue, will allow us to learn more about how geomagnetic storms affect electronics and communications.

By the way, an interesting hypothesis at the beginning of the last century was put forward by experts from the University of Texas. They suggested that the anomalous convergence of the Earth and the Moon led to the sinking of the Titanic. This could provoke an increase in the level of the World Ocean, which sent a large number of stable icebergs into free swimming. One of them eventually reached the steamer.

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