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A new career stage: Lida Lee presented the new track “Sama” after a long break

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

A new career stage: Lida Lee presented the new track

Lida Lee/YouTube

Ukrainian singer Lida Lee, after a forced break in her career, presented a music video for the new track “SAMA”. In the video, she appeared without a wig for the first time.

In the video for the track “Alone”, the artist showed what happens behind the scenes of the artist and how she has to fight with public condemnation, pressure and media.< /p>

According to Lida Lee, after a difficult period in her life, she decided to stop hiding behind the image that was created for her and finally find herself. There is a shot in the video where the star takes off her wigshowing off her bold short haircut, and full of strength goes into a new life.

I couldn't completely escape from the abyss, but I was able to say goodbye to the ghosts of the past forever. I was able to believe in myself. The new me. Without the wig and the fear of not being what others see. I'm opening the door to a new life, are you with me?, the star wrote on Instagram.

In April, news appeared on the network that the performer was undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction in a rehabilitation center. Lida Lee herself did not publicly talk about problems with alcohol, but confirmed that it was true.

The artist promised that in the future, when she will be better, she will be able to talk about it. She also added that she was hurt by being betrayed by her closest friends who spread the word about the treatment.

Real name Lida Lee Lydia. Skorubska For 11 years, she was engaged in folk dances in the “Veselad” ensemble, participated in the “Voice of the Country” and “X-Factor” projects, after which she began to cooperate with MONATIK, singing in his backing vocals. In 2021, the artists stopped working together and Lidia started a solo career. Her most famous tracks: “Dostoprymechatelnost”, “Poimy”, “rytmoLOVE”, “Monster”, “Wake up”.

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