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A mother condemned for martyring her three children

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Pauline Richer

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The story is worthy of a horror film, but the facts are very real. Around 40 years ago, three children, aged under 10 at the time, were abused by their own mother. On Tuesday, this woman, Pauline Richer, pleaded guilty to four counts of assault and endangering the lives of her children.

For nearly four years, Pauline Richer hit her children, deprived them of food and neglected them.

Damien Castanier, her son and the eldest child, said he regularly saw his mother beating and beating his sisters. He was 5 years old then.

He had almost nothing to eat and had to make do with rotten food, soap, raw onions and even feces. Once he was so hungry that he chased away a bird and microwaved it.

He values ​​everything even having been spared, because his mother preferred him to his two little sisters.

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Mélanie and Geneviève Castanier, for their part, believe that their mother hated them. They remember being locked up, sometimes for several days, without being able to leave their room.

The three children were walking around without clothes and were neglected. The family home was unsanitary and the smell that reigned there was foul.

When the DPJ removed the children from their family environment, four years after the beginning of the abuse, one of the Castanier sisters had a cigarette burn on her cheek and parts of her hair torn out.

Pauline Richer's three children had not imagined that their mother, now in her sixties, would take responsibility for all the atrocities committed.

They received his guilty plea with great relief on Tuesday at the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield courthouse. A sort of early Christmas present, the first in 40 years, they expressed.

Visibly moved, torn between the pain of the horror experienced and the love he feels for his mother despite everything, Damien Castanier wanted to deliver his message. There are people who have this happen and they don't know what to do. Trust your heart, go and speak, he said, surrounded by his sisters.

We feel less heavy today.

A quote from Damien Castanier

The Crown prosecutor in the case, Me Mylène Brown, also had a message. People need to understand that it is never too late to speak out. We often see that people later report sexual abuse or mistreatment.

Pauline Richer was sentenced to two years less one day of imprisonment to be served at home, followed by three years' probation. This was the common suggestion of both parties.

Judge Joey Dubois endorsed the suggestion, before addressing the accused.

Your children had the right to be loved and protected. You have no excuse, the judge said, before adding: What you did is serious, criminal, you ruined their lives.

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