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A moratorium on claims mining rights demanded in Ontario

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Ontario regional chief Glen Hare calls for a moratorium on mining claims. (Archive photos)


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Ontario Indigenous leaders are calling for a one-year moratorium on mining claims registered online, citing the inability of First Nations nations to respond.

The Ontario Chiefs' request concerns the Mining Land Administration System (MLAS), a platform launched by the province in April 2018. Users can apply for a mining title on a portal.

According to indigenous leaders, the number of claims registered on First Nations territory has increased exponentially in the last year.

This increase leads to an insurmountable administrative burden on First Nations communities responsible for reviewing and responding to mining claims

A quote from Excerpt from the Ontario Chiefs press release

The moratorium, the chiefs argue, will allow First Nations to assess the impact of the platform that came into force in 2018 and the mining claims that are currently registered.

Thanks to the SATM, prospectors can easily register a mining claim online and do not need to consult the First Nations, even if the sector in which the claim is claimed is in an indigenous territory, we read in the statement from the Chiefs of Ontario.

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To support its request, the Ontario Chiefs cite as an example a decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia last September.

The court then indicated that the British Columbia government had not respected the First Nations' right to consultation when granting mining rights online.

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