A monument “Volya” made of the remains of Russian missiles will appear in the Kyiv region

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A monument to

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In Irpen, a monument to “Will” will be erected, which was created from the remains of Russian missiles that flew into the Kyiv region at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, in February-March 2022. This  was reported in the ITV Telegram channel.

The slogan of the project will be engraved on the monument – "All the metal is not enough to break our will.

Sculptors worked on the sculpture , designers and architects. They put in the monument the idea of ​​the invincibility of the Ukrainian people.

"The idea of ​​the sculpture is that it is impossible to break the will of the people with shelling and blows. The more they hit us, the stronger the desire to stand up and win", — the creators emphasized.

The authors of the project plan to dispose of all enemy metal by turning it into sculptures.

The “Will” monument will appear in the city on September 22. It will be installed in the park at the Irpen police department. The virtual interactive addition VOLIA will be added to the monument. By reading the QR code, you can find out every ammunition that became part of the installation.

The project was created on the initiative of the National Police of Ukraine in the Kyiv region. It is noted that the sculpture was dedicated to the struggle of the residents against the Russian occupiers. Prepared by: Sergey Daga.