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A mixed bag from the Netherlands became a father to 500 children

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Meshkanets from the Netherlands became a father to 500 children Sperm donor from the Netherlands Jonathan Jacob Meyer became a biologist At the very least 500 children. They stopped their time and blocked it so they could continue to chew it, but without hesitating. Now fathers are afraid of the risk of incest for children born through their biological material.

Yoma was forced to donate sperm in the Netherlands in 2017 – After that, it was clear that he was the sperm donor for 102 children. According to national legislation, the donor is not responsible for the mother of more than 25 children in 12 families.

Sperm from giving at 11 clinics all over the country, write to the BBC.

Upon selection, having continued to be a donor in other countries until 2023, one woman and the foundation that supported them filed a civil appeal against Meir, firmly insisting that there was a greater risk of incest for their x children.

At our own According to Meyer, she has 550 to 600 children. However, the court declared that it is possible, having become the father of over 1,000 children on several continents.

Founding Meera from donating sperm to new clients and ruling that he would be fined 100,000 euros for such return.< /p>

“In 2019, I have already decided to donate sperm for new clients. I worked especially for my brothers and sisters. 

The ship on the right is marred, since I had already begun the process, and the court’s decision did not stop me from helping these already obvious pitfalls,” as Meer.< /p>

For advice on how to deal with any problems in your activities, Meyer Vidpoviv: “I don’t see anything rotten in anyone.”

Children have a lot of friends, and the smells become stronger one after another. Because I believe they are happy that they have so many brothers and sisters. The stinks are growing stronger on the days of donation, and they go together to make repairs.”

About the 43-river Meir, which has created 17 rocks, Netflix has released a new documentary series dedicated to the women who gave birth to children I'll help you with his sperm. The donor himself took his fate from someone else.

Natalie Gill, a former producer of the documentary series, said that many other fates were associated with those who “suffered” against Jonathan's lies: “Nighty families were brought to court by declaring his lies and blessed the judge, so that he was convicted.”

In many cases, you have to give your sperm privately, so that you can get it directly from your homeland, and not through a private clinic. Some women say that without knowing it, how many more children were born with the help of his sperm. brother and sister in the future, without anyone's knowledge . Meyer stated that “fathers should tell their children that the donor stinks.” Therefore, if there is a chance to get closer, the smells can simply ask: “Is this baby a donor?” And when the meal arrives: “Is your father-donor Jonathan?” They took away the stink. If you want exclusivity, you go to the clinic, pay 10,000 euros, and then your donor is exclusive.” – adds Vin.

In its statement, the Great Britain Feeding and Embryology Authority (HFEA) said that the Netflix series “may cause stress and embarrassment to these young children” them as donors.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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