A mischievous parrot released a pet kangaroo from an aviary

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A mischievous parrot released a pet kangaroo from its enclosure

Photo: WBRZ/Youtube

In the American city of Zachary, Louisiana, local residents filmed a kangaroo freely “roaming” on a camera along the streets. As it turned out later, the animal released a mischievous parrot from the enclosure. This reports news agency UPI.

The owners of the kangaroo, nicknamed Baxter, own Bird Recovery International, which is engaged in the rehabilitation of wild exotic birds and their return to their natural habitat. They have over a dozen parrots at home. And one of them, a mischievous  nbsp; named Thor, recently learned how to open an aviary that contains kangaroos.

The media noted that kangaroos are animals that, according to Louisiana law, are prohibited from keeping at home . And it's unclear if the owners, who previously owned the zoo, had permission to keep Baxter.

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