A million kilometers is not a boundary: the most used cars are named

A million kilometers is not a boundary: the most used cars are named

Wanting in the bagatioh of modern cars after 200 yew. km probіgu can start problems, deakі models easily report і 500 thousand, and navіt a million kilometers without serious malfunctions. The American site CarBuzz ranks the best cars in history, rozpovidaє “Focus”.

A million kilometers of – not between: the most used cars named

Toyota Camry XV10< /p>

All Toyota Camrys are second to none, but the XV10 model is especially visible. Yakshcho svoєchasno replace olіyu, the sedan can easily add 500 yew. miles without any serious problems.

Honda Accord CB (1989-1993 rocky)

A quarter of a generation of Honda Accords is a rather nevibagly car. Actual copies of the sedan travel 1.5-1.6 million km without serious repairs. Golovne – the uniqueness of models with carved rear wheels, even though the technology was not far away.

< p> Old Volvo rear-wheel drives (1966-1993)

Sedans and station wagons Volvo 140 and 240 are the butt of Scandinavian quality. It was noted that there were few vipadkiv trips of 1 million km and more, and one of the cars reached 2.6 million km. In addition, survivability, like you can be cheered up, is the Volvo P1800 sports car, which has spent up to the Guinness Book of Records with a record run – since 1966, driving 5.15 million km without replacing the main units.

Volkswagen Beetle (1950-1979 rock)

Legendary Volkswagen Zhuk was built with a simple design, cooled engine and torsion suspension. Prior to that, the German quality of the collection was always high, and to that, the cars were long-term and, in principle, trouble-free. And in times of failure, repairing a VW Beetle is inexpensive.

Mercedes-Benz W123 (1976-1986)

The longevity of the Mercedes-Benz W123 has become truly legendary, which is why the brand's latest model is respected. For a car (moreover, both petrol and diesel versions) run at 700-800 thousand. km – an obvious manifestation. Well, one taxi driver from Greece drove 4.5 million km in a Mercedes 240D W123.

Ford Crown Victoria (1992-2011)

Frameless, great low-revving V8 engines and simple automatic transmission—the Ford Crown Victoria is built for durability. It is not for nothing that the US sedan was actively won by the police and taxi services. Letter John Heiner passing on Crown Victoria 750 yew. km and navіt dedicating the model to the book “A car that I could not imagine.”

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1987-2001)

The Jeep Cherokee XJ is the only one in the rating. Vіn appeared in 1984 roci, prote through three roki vin having taken off even more petrol stomp with a volume of 4 liters with a long-term system for infusing the fire. Cherokee can have other problems of electronics (radio, electroslopid djomnikiv), but at the same time and price – most of all.

Toyota Sprinter/Geo Prizm (1989-1997 rocky)

< p>Toyota Sprinter is a more expensive version of the mass-produced Corolla, and on the American market it was released at once from General Motors under the name Geo Prizm. At the enterprises, the settlements were ordered to control the capacity, and to that, the budget cars, even if they were well chosen, are usually trouble-free. Speaking of which, now the American Toyota plant has bought Elon Musk and is picking up Tesla electric cars there.