A huge plate under the Indian ocean is split into two parts

A huge tectonic plate, which is located under the Indian ocean began to split into two parts. According to forecasts of scientists, in the distant future will happen a break.

Огромная плита под Индийским океаном раскалывается на две части

At the present time part of the plate every year differ by about 1.7 mm. According to experts, they will be located a mile (1.7 km) from each other through one million. It is noteworthy that the fault of the Dead sea occurs at a rate of 0.4 cm per year, and the San Andreas in California – 1.8 cm, Scientists do not immediately able to document this process, as it moves very slowly, and the very earth plate is hidden under water. This contributed to the two earthquakes, which showed a change in tectonic structures.

Researchers have compiled a map of the seabed. On it they found a number of depressions that occur only in collisions or sliding plates. The size of some of them was 5 km long and 3 km wide. In addition, we found out a pattern: in the South basin is deeper than in the North. This indicates increased activity in the first section.

According to the experts, the divergence of the Indo-Australian plate began long ago of natural causes. So, in ancient times it cracked due to the unevenness of the Ground. Now the crack deepens, creating a rift.

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