A heartbreaking drama

A heartbreaking drama

Giving up the dream of having a child can be a painful ordeal for a couple. With his film The dreamed child, the French filmmaker Raphaël Jacoulot explores the dark side of the quest for fatherhood to sign a tragic and spellbinding psychological drama.

François (Jalil Lespert) has spent his life working in the sawmill that belongs to his family, in the Jura. At the dawn of his forties, he now runs the company with his wife, Noémie (Mélanie Doutey). The two lovers have wanted to have children for a long time, but their efforts have never been rewarded. After several unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts, they are now considering adoption.

It was at this point in his life that François met Patricia (Louise Bourgoin), a pretty young mother who had just settled in the region with her husband and their two daughters. Love at first sight is instantaneous. François and Patricia start dating in secret and Patricia quickly becomes pregnant. The news rejoices François who can finally cherish his dream of becoming a father. But you still have to find the courage to talk to your wife …


From the start of his film, director Raphaël Jacoulot (Before dawn, Barrage) manages to create a climate of tension that takes the viewer by the throat. Skillfully navigating between thriller and passionate drama, the first part of The dreamed child proves particularly successful thanks in particular to the intense performance of Jalil Lespert, striking in the skin of a man obsessed with the desire to be a father. Mélanie Doutey and Louise Bourgoin complete the love triangle with remarkable accuracy.

But unfortunately, the scenario loses credibility in the last act of the film which multiplies the improbabilities and superfluous scenes. Pity.

A film by Raphaël Jacoulot

With Jalil Lespert, Mélanie Doutey and Louise Bourgoin

Available on the Cinémas Beaubien and du Parc online platform.

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