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A village focused on health and well-being in Collingwood

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The promoters real estate projects of the future village of Collingwood anticipate the creation of approximately 16,000 jobs during construction.

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Although far from the first With a shovelful of ground, the project to build the first village focused on health and well-being in the country is gradually coming to fruition. By developing more than 52 hectares of land, the City of Collingwood will be at the heart of innovation, according to the property developers behind the project.

The future village will be developed with the aim of promoting the health and well-being of the community using common spaces such as green spaces, shops, a market, a community garden or a health center. sports medicine.

The total development value of the project during construction is estimated at $1.65 billion by Di Poce Management Limited (DPML) and Live Work Learn Play (LWLP), the real estate developers, who anticipate that initial projections will evolve.

For this project, 130 acres of land, approximately 52 hectares, in southern Georgian Bay will be transformed into a mixed-use village with fully integrated services .

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The Poplar Regional Health and Wellness Village should include up to 30 acres of land, approximately 12 hectares that the owner of the land, John Di Poce, has agreed to donate. x27;a new regional hospital campus will be at the heart of the project.

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The future village wants to allow elderly people to age in place near health services and community activities such as a garden.

The extent and The location of the hospital renovation is awaiting provincial approval, says the City of Collingwood.

A hectare of land will also be donated to build a future fire station.

The Poplar Regional Health and Wellness Village will include seven interconnected neighborhoods that will provide community services and recreational, social and cultural activities.

The The project notably proposes a neighborhood particularly suitable for the elderly called Excellence in Aging-in-Place District, with a market, a school and a campus for well-being.

Developer DPML and the City of Collingwood signed a final development agreement between the two parties on December 12, 2023.

This is a milestone major for this project, says the vice president of corporate development, Armando Lopes, in a written statement.

The content of the agreement has not been made public since, but in a press release published on the municipality's website, we learn that this agreement includes in particular the commitment to provide a minimum proportion of 10 % of affordable and accessible housing within the project, in addition to parks and trails.

The project provides for more than seven hectares of land. green spaces.

Source: The Poplar Regional Health and Wellness Village

We are also preparing for future planning and city approval processes, which will evolve the project to reflect our ministerial zoning decree authorizations, adds Armando Lopes by email.

DPML chose Live Work Learn Play to bring this ambitious vision to life due to its experience designing and delivering integrated community health and wellness projects across the world.

On their website, we learn that Live Work Learn Play is an international real estate development and consulting firm for large-scale mixed-use projects.

According to the Mayor of the Town of Collingwood, Yvonne Hamlin, this project is necessary for the region which is experiencing growth and an aging population.

She also asks the province to send the necessary funds as soon as possible to build the new hospital.

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Collingwood Mayor Yvonne Hamlin says the region's population growth is such that the city has needs greater capacity for its hospital and water treatment plant.

Although Ms Hamlin is delighted with the project, the future creation of jobs and the provision of more than 2,000 homes, several questions remain unanswered.

I think originally, a few years ago now, there were concerns that this project seemed too good to be true and we were being asked how it was going to work. But with the signing of the development agreement, all these concerns disappeared, explains the mayor of Collingwood.

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The project also includes the Center of Excellence in Sports Medicine. This visual representation highlights winter activities such as curling, climbing, sledding and skating.

The concept of this village is innovative , according to urban planner Ken Greenberg, who nevertheless maintains certain reservations.

It is easy to have beautiful images, but you seriously have to look at [the feasibility of the project, Editor’s note], he recalls.

The expert raises several questions such as the management of the village and the entity that will be responsible for it.

Although he has questions, Mr. Greenberg thinks the concept is interesting. He is particularly intrigued by how the developers and the City will create a community.

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According to urban planner Ken Greenberg, the concept proposed for this village of the future is very interesting, particularly thanks to its spaces conducive to meeting.

We tend to talk about the need for housing with the growing population in an isolated way as if it were simply a matter of creating [supply]. But what you have to do is create a community, explains Mr. Greenberg.

For the next step, the promoter real estate will have to show its plans in order to begin the implementation of the project, indicates the mayor of Collingwood.

She reminds that it will be necessary, among other things, to provide for an improvement in water treatment to be able to carry out a project of such scale.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Mr. Hamlin will need the support of the Ontario government to do so.

It's in the hands of the promoters. They need to find their tenants and merchants, get their financing and take action.

A quote from Yvonne Hamlin, Mayor of Collingwood

As mayor, I hope that the project will be well advanced over the next decade, she says.

Yvonne Hamlin confirms that there is still no timetable for the start of work or the completion of the project.

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