A guide to making healthy choices at the grocery store

A guide to making healthy choices at the grocery store

Reading labels every time you want to eat well can be a long and tedious exercise. To make life easier for consumers and save them time, Metro has just launched the Better Choices Better Living program.

This program consists of using green labels to identify the best product choices based on a list of around fifty attributes.

A product could be listed as vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free, for example. Up to three attributes can appear on a label.

“It is a guide that aims to guide consumers towards the best product choices according to their lifestyle, their values ​​and their health needs,” says Martin Turcotte, Vice-President, Marketing, Metro Grocery.

Nearly 9,000 products in-store, online and on the My Metro app will display one or more attributes of the Better Life Choices program to facilitate and accelerate the shopping experience.

“Nearly 70% of consumers say it’s complicated to navigate the list of ingredients and nutritional tables. The guide is there to facilitate their shopping experience with us, in-store or online, while saving them time, ”added Mr. Turcotte.

Classification criteria

The chain called on experts and specialists to implement this program, which is offered in all Metro supermarkets in Quebec and Ontario.

“It’s a unique program in Canada. No other retailer presents health attributes in this way, ”he says.

“In Quebec, monthly more than 600,000 searches are recorded on the web in connection with a diet or a food lifestyle listed by Better Choose Better Live”, adds Martin Turcotte.

The development of the attribute classification criteria is based on research data, trends observed among Canadian consumers, Canada’s Food Guide and information published by regulatory bodies such as Health Canada.

“Information on product packaging is not always easy for consumers to interpret. The program therefore combines the information contained on the labels with the hidden qualities of the products. This will greatly simplify shopping and help people make informed decisions more easily, ”said Linda Montpetit, nutritionist and collaborator for Metro.

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