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A global mistake made by almost all smartphone owners is named: it is dangerous for health

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

The global mistake made by almost all smartphone owners is named: it is dangerous for health

Today, almost every person has a smartphone, even more so, every family member. That is, both children and adults have an electronic gadget at home. There are many caveats about using a smartphone, for example, it is not advisable to use it while it is charging, because the device can overheat and even explode. At the same time, few people talk about how to handle a smartphone at night. 90% of mobile phone owners simply fall asleep with them, or at best, put the phone next to it on the nightstand or on the floor next to the bed. You can't do that, and scientists emphasize this once again.

Where to put a smartphone at night?

Before going to sleep, most people like to scroll through social networks, but if you feel yourself falling asleep, make sure to put your phone as far away from the bed as possible. It is ideal if the distance between your head and the smartphone is at least 50 meters. This applies to city dwellers, and in rural areas where there are no base stations, the radiation emitted by the gadget is even stronger. So villagers should put their phones away even longer.

Also, to ensure a healthy and sound sleep — experts advise to turn off the Internet on the phone at night altogether. Moreover, both Wi-Fi and mobile data, and especially the latter. At the same time, you can not turn off the router. It does not pose a particular danger to humans, and its harmful radiation — it's just a myth. Moreover, frequent disconnection of the router can lead to its breakdown. Every time you turn off the router from the outlet, you provoke its emergency reboot and reset to factory settings, which negatively affects the life of the device.

All you need to do is turn off the Internet on your phone, or turn on the “Flight” mode altogether. .

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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