In Sochi, on the federal territory “Sirius” at the Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics “Heavenly Grace”, Alina Kabaeva's “Heavenly Grace” competitions have started, which will be held on December 2-4. During the event, young gymnasts presented the famous champion with a gift that moved her to tears.

The gift from the young gymnasts moved Alina Kabaeva to tears

Image source: Alina Kabaeva's social media page
Athletes from fourteen countries of the world will compete in Sochi. At these competitions, they will be able to perform in the arena of the largest gym on the planet. According to the organizers, gymnasts will train at the Academy according to experimental rules, as they are aimed at more complex programs and new achievements. During the event, the athletes presented Alina Kabaeva with an unexpected gift. The girls gave the mentor her portrait and a huge bouquet of luxurious flowers. The handmade present touched the illustrious champion to tears.

Young athletes highly appreciated the merits of the new Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, which has a huge training hall, choreographic classes, a swimming pool, a medical center and a large arena for performances. Alina Kabaeva recalled that the national team has always had such conditions, but they did not exist in the regions. The new Academy is designed to become a home for athletes living in different localities of the country.

A gift from young gymnasts moved Alina Kabaeva to tears

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According to the sportswoman, the highest achievements in sports do not happen without mass sports, in which children come for their idols. Alina Kabaeva admitted that when she was doing gymnastics, she could not even dream of such conditions, but life proves that the impossible often becomes possible.



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