A gift for rozkіsh turned out to be unsustainable for the dean lords of supercars (PHOTO)

A gift for rozkіsh turned out to be unsustainable for the dean lords of supercars (PHOTO)

At the transfer of rozkishnyh cars, they pay a transport tax for 2022 roci, є in the door “diri”. And yet, there are far from all luxury cars, which can be seen on the highways of Ukraine. Moreover, the right supercars for the “cosmic” price are not on the list!

In order to make it clearer, we have a Porsche 918 Spyder in Ukraine (Vlasnik is the son of Leonid Chernovetsky), which costs close to 1 million euros. Prote, zgіdno transfer of models, vin not ¾ luxury cars, for which you need to pay 25,000 hryvnias to the state treasury.

Ross allowance seems unreasonable for some supercar owners (PHOTO)

But the top of the iceberg is less, and you can close your eyes on the 918th Porsche, the shards are even more rare cars, there are 918 extras, and there is only one in Ukraine. And yet, respectfully consider the replication of “luxury cars”, it seems strange that no one has such cars (of which we have dozens), like, for example, the Bentley Mulsanne. And there are only three Ferrari models, although we have two Ferrari SF90s registered, etc.

The gift for the rozkіsh appeared to be un’sophisticated for the dean supercar lords (PHOTO)

Photo: @alex_slobozhenko

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There are few cars on the list, they cost 3, 4 and 10 (!) times cheaper, even better sports and supercars. So, it’s not too much, but it’s enough to guess that there are only two McLarens left, we already have two dozen. And there are no other models of this British brand on the list. Ale and tse sche so sobi. Where does it go, what’s in the car’s turn, what’s the supplementary subsidy, є BMW X5 and X6, but there’s no flagship X7…

Otozh, vinikaє pitanya, it is possible, it is necessary to hand over the storage of such transfers to those who are wise on cars and їх vartosti? Who knows – the axis of the latest translation, publications by Oleg Nazarenko, General Director of the All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers (VAAID).

td>BrandModelRegular exhaust (incl.)Engine cylinder volume, cub. centimetersPaliva typeAston MartinDBS Superleggeraup to 5 years4461petrolAston MartinDBX White Stone AML Specialup to 5 years4461petrolAston Martin


DBX Onyx Blackup to 5 years4461petrolAston MartinDBX Intense Blueup to 5 years4461petrol Aston MartinDBX Divine Redup to 5 years4461gasolineBentleyNew Continental GT V8up to 5 years3982

< td> GasolineBentleyNew Flying Spurup to 5 years5950*GasolineBentleyNew Flying Spurup to 5 years5980 GasolineBentleyNew Bentayga V8up to 5 years3982< /td>

gasolineBentleyCONTINENTAL GTup to 5 years3993*GasolineBentleyContinental GT Convertible V8up to 5 years3982 GasolineBentleyContinental GT Speedup to 5 years5980 GasolineBentleyBentyaga Sup to 5 years3982 GasolineBentleyBentyaga Hybridup to 5 years2998 gasolineBMWAlpina B7up to 2 years4395*petrolBMW5 series Sedan M5 ( F90)up to 1 year4395petrolBMW 7 series (upgraded version) (G12) M760Li xDriveup to 1 year6592petrolBMW8 Series Convertible (G14) M850i ​​xDriveup to 2 years4395petrolBMW8 series Convertible (F91) M8up to 2 years4395petrolBMW8 Series Coupe (G15) M850i ​​xDriveup to 1 year4395petrolBMW8 series Coupe (F92) M8up to 2 years< /td>

4395petrolBMW8 Series Gran Coupe (G16) M850i ​​xDriveup to 1 year4395petrolBMW8 Series Gran Coupe (F93 ) M8up to 2 years4395petrolBMWX5 (F95) SAV X5 Mup to 1 year4395petrolBMWX6 (F96) SAV X6 Mup to 1 year4395petrol < td>Ferrari488 Spiderup to 5 years3982petrol < td>Ferrari488 GTBup to 5 years3982petrol < td>Ferrari812 Superfastup to 5 years6498petrol < td>JaguarF-Type R-Dynamic Coupeup to 1st year1998petrolJaguarF-Type R-Dynamic Blackup to 1 year2998petrol < td>JaguarF-Type First Editionup to 1 year4395petrol

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JaguarF-Type R Coupeup to 2 years4395petrolHongqiE-HS9up to 1 yearelectricJaguarF-Type R Convertibleup to 2 years4395petrolLamborghini< /td>

Huracanup to 5 years4461petrolLamborghiniAventadorup to 5 years6498petrolLamborghiniUrusup to 5 years3982petrolLamborghiniUrusup to 5 years3996*petrolLand RoverRange Roverup to 2 years2998dieselLand RoverRange Rover Vogueup to 2 years2998dieselLand Rover< /td>

Range Rover AUTOBIOGRAPHYup to 3 years2998dieselLand RoverRange Rover SEup to 1 roku2998petrolLand RoverRange Rover Sportup to 1 year2998gasolineLand RoverRange Rover Sport SVRup to 4 years4461petrolLexusLX 570 Sportup to 1 year6750petrolLexusLX 570 Samuraiup to 1 roku6750petrolLexusLS500up to 2 years2998petrolLexusLS500hup to 2 years2998hybridMaseratiGhibliup to 2 years2998petrol

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MaseratiLevanteup to 1 year2998petrolMaseratiLevante S GranSport (2019)up to 1 year2998petrolMaseratiLevante GTS (2020) – Grigio Maratea – Cuoioup to 1 year2998petrolMaseratiQuattroporteup to 4 years2998petrolMaseratiGranTurismo (GT 4.2 AT)up to 1st year3982petrolMaseratiGranTurismo (GT S 4.7 AT)

< td>up to 2 years4395petrolMercedes-BenzE 63 S 4MATIC< /td>

up to 1 year3982petrolMercedes-BenzE 63 S 4MATIC+ Universalup to 1 year3982petrolMercedes-BenzG 350 dup to 1 year2996dieselMercedes-BenzG 400 dup to 1 year2996dieselMercedes-BenzG 500up to 2 years3982petrolMercedes-BenzG63 AMGup to 4 years3982petrolMercedes-BenzGLS 63 4MATIC+up to 2 years3982petrol< /td>Mercedes-BenzMaybach GLS 600 4MATICup to 3 years3982petrolMercedes-BenzGLE 63 4MATIC+up to 1 hour3982petrolMercedes-BenzGLE 63 S 4MATIC+up to 1 year3982petrolMercedes-BenzGLE 63 4MATIC+ Coupéup to 1 year3982 petrolMercedes-BenzGLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupéup to 1 year3982petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT

< td>up to 2 years3982petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT Cup to 4 years3982petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT Rup to 4 years3982petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT 43up to 1 year2996petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT 43up to 1 year2999*petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT 43 4MATIC+up to 1 year2996petrolMercedes-BenzAMG GT 53 4MATIC+up to 2 years2996petrolMercedes-Benz


AMG GT 53 4MATIC+up to 2 years2999*petrol Mercedes-BenzAMG GT 63 S E Performanceup to 2 years3982*hybrid (petrol, electric)Mercedes-BenzS 400 d 4MATICup to 2 years2925*dieselMercedes-BenzS 400 d 4MATIC longup to 1 year2925dieselMercedes-BenzS 450up to 1 roku2999*petrolMercedes-BenzS 450 4MATIC longup to 1 year2999petrolMercedes-BenzS 500 4MATICup to 1 year2999petrolMercedes-BenzS 500 4MATIC longup to 1 year2999petrolMercedes-BenzS 580 eup to 1 year2999petrol Mercedes-BenzS 580 e longup to 1 year2999petrolMercedes-BenzS 580 4MATICup to 1 hour3982petrolMercedes-BenzS 580 4MATIC longup to 1 year3982petrolMercedes-BenzS 680 Guard 4MATICup to 5 years5980petrolMercedes-BenzMaybach S 580 4MATICup to 3 years2996petrol

td>Mercedes-BenzMaybach S 680 4MATICup to 5 years5980gasolinePorsche718 Cayman GT4up to 1 year2998petrolPorsche718 Boxster 25 yearsup to 1 year

< td>1998petrolPorscheTaycanup to 1 yearelectricPorscheTaycan 4Sup to 2 yearselectricPorschePanamera 4 Platinum Editionup to 1 year2894*PetrolPorschePanamera 4E-Hybridup to 1 year2998hybridPorschePanamera 4E-Hybrid Executiveup to 1 year2998hybridPorschePanamera 4E-Hybrid Sport Turismoup to 2 years2998hybridPorschePanamera 4S E-Hybridup to 1 year2998hybridPorschePanamera 4S E-Hybrid Executiveup to 2 years2998hybridPorschePanamera 4S E-Hybrid Sport Turismoup to 2 years2998hybridPorschePanamera GTSup to 2 years4395petrolPorschePanamera GTS Sport Turismoup to 2 years4395petrol< /td>PorschePanamera Turbo Sup to 5 years4395petrolPorschePanamera Turbo S Executiveup to 5 years4395petrolPorschePanamera Turbo S Sport Turismoup to 5 years4395petrolPorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybridup to 5 years4395hybridPorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executiveup to 5 years4395hybridPorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismoup to 5 years2998hybridPorscheCayenneup to 1 year2995 *petrolPorscheCayenne GTSup to 1 year 4395petrolPorscheCayenne Coupe Sup to 1 year2998petrolPorscheCayenne Coupe Turboup to 3 years

< td>4395PetrolPorscheCayenne Coupe Turbo S E-Hybridup to 5 years4395petrolPorscheCayenne Coupe GTup to 5 years4395petrolPorscheCayman Sup to 1 year2497*petrolPorsche911 Carrera 4 S Cabriolet


up to 5 years2981*petrolRolls-RoycePhantomup to 5 years6749*petrolRolls-RoycePhantom SWBup to 5 years6750petrolRolls-Royce

< td>Phantom EWBup to 5 years6750petrolRolls-RoyceWraithup to 5 years6592*petrolRolls-Royce< /td>

Wraithup to 5 years6750petrolRolls-RoyceWraith Black Badgeup to 5 years6750petrolRolls-RoyceDawnup to 5 years6592*petrol < td>Rolls-RoyceDawnup to 5 years6750petrolRolls-RoyceDawn Black Badgeup to 5 years6750gasolineRolls-RoyceCullinanup to 5 years6749*gasolineRolls-RoyceCullinanup to 5 years6750gasoline

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Rolls-RoyceCullinan Black Badgeup to 5 years6750gasoline

td>Rolls-RoyceGhostup to 5 years6749*gasolineRolls-RoyceGhostup to 5 years6750 gasolineRolls-RoyceGhost EWBup to 5 years6750

< td>gasolineCadillacEscaladeup to 3 years5980gasoline