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A game where you swim across the Tisza has appeared in the AppStore: reaction of Ukrainians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

A game where you swim across the Tisza River appeared in the AppStore: reaction of Ukrainians

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In Ukraine, a game was released on the iPhone in which you need to help a person reach the other side of the Tisza and not drown in the process. The age limit of the application is 4+.

A mobile game has been published on the AppStore portal, in which the user needs to control a character trying to cross the Tisza River.

Crossing the border river Tisza is one of the ways to illegally cross the Ukrainian border.

Try to cross the Tisza more times than everyone else in the world. But don't think that everything is so easy – a strong current will not let you relax all the way, says the game's commentary.

There are no ratings and reviews for the game yet. Its age limit is 4+.

DPSU has already had time to react to the appearance of such an ambiguous game. The border guards noted that “playing games is good”, but warned against repeating such actions in real life.

As you know, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine and restrictions on the departure of men crossing the border river Tisza one of the ways of illegally crossing the Ukrainian border. As of May 2024, the bodies of 34 men who tried to cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border were found in Tisza.

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