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Un former teacher from Thetford Mines sentenced to four and a half years in penitentiary

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The sentencing decision was rendered Tuesday at the Thetford Mines courthouse.

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Charles Thivierge, a 43-year-old former teacher from Thetford Mines, is sentenced to four and a half years in penitentiary.

He admitted his guilt to eight offenses of a sexual nature in October 2022, after four days of trial. He was suspended without pay after his arrest, then resigned after admitting his guilt.

According to the decision obtained by Radio-Canada, this charge is linked to offenses of computer luring, sexual contact, sexual exploitation and incitement to touch committed from 2011 to 2013 against a first victim, and to offenses of computer lure committed from 2002 to 2003 against a second victim.

Both were minors at the time of the incident. Their identity is protected by a publication ban.

In the decision of Judge Alain Morand, it is notably indicated that in 2009, a superior met the teacher because of worrying rumors according to which he communicated with students via the Internet. In 2013, another superior warned him after hearing more rumors. She warns him [to] leave the door to his room open when he receives a student.

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The accused, before committing the offenses against [one of the victims], expressed having become aware of his sexual problems, the need to seek professional help and the consequences for adolescent girls. In addition to having received warnings and made commitments to no longer communicate via the Internet with his students and to leave the door to his class open when he receives one of them. All this was not enough to dissuade him.

A quote from Judge Alain Morand in his decision

In his judgment, the judge, among other things, retained as aggravating factors the intrinsic seriousness of the offenses resulting in psychological manipulation, premeditation, planning and organization, the duration over time of the offenses as well as the repetition despite the fact that says he is aware of his deviance and the consequences, in addition to the warnings. Charles Thivierge was also in a position of authority over his victims.

The admission of guilt and the absence of a criminal record serve as mitigating factors. The mitigation factors, although relevant, have a rather limited scope, in the circumstances, however, underlines the judge.

In addition to his detention, the former teacher's DNA was taken and he will be placed on the sex offender register for 20 years.

After his release, he will also have to refrain for 10 years from frequenting certain places where people under the age of 16 may be present, including daycares and school grounds, or from working in a position of authority over persons under 16 years of age.

During this decade, he will also not be able to communicate using digital tools with a person under the age of sixteen, except with his children, nieces and nephews or for legitimate and paid work, under supervision.

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