A former head of the Chinese spy agency admitted taking $33 million in bribes

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Liu Yanping, 67, who led a lavish lifestyle, is accused of taking money for business favors, lenient sentences, job promotions and help getting restricted license plates

A former head of Chinese spy agency admitted receiving $33 million in bribes

Liu Yanping, former head of the anti-corruption bureau of the Chinese regime's national spy agency

Liu Yanping, former head of the anti-corruption bureau of the national spy agency of the Chinese regime pleaded guilty to accepting bribes during his management.

The 67-year-old former official, who was accused of accepting more than 234 million yuan (33 million US dollars), appeared before the Changchun Intermediate People's Court, in the northeastern province of Jilin, on Thursday and confessed to having committed the crime.

Chinese Justice assured that Liu, who served as disciplinary chief of the Ministry of State Security, pleaded guilty and expressed regret. Therefore, the court session was subsequently adjourned and it is expected that in the next few days he could be sentenced , according to the South China Morning Post.

The former member of the Chinese regime was accused by the former vice minister of public security, Sun Lijun of disloyalty to the leader of the Chinese Communist Party and head of state of the country, Xi Jinping, in an official documentary, state broadcaster CCTV said earlier this year.

Liu was accused of receiving money through exchange of commercial favors, lenient sentences, job promotionsand help in obtaining restricted license plates, said the South China Morning Post..

The court also said that a history of corruption of Liu dates back to 2001, when he served as deputy director of the security bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, responsible for protecting the country's top leaders.

A former head of the Chinese spy agency admitted taking $33 million in bribes

China's regime chief Xi Jinping

Then continued to accept bribes when he became bureau chief and later disciplinary chief of the Ministry of State Security, according to the court.

In September, the Communist Party of China expelled Liu from its ranks for “rampant abuse of power”, becoming the latest senior official to fall in a sweeping anti-corruption campaign.

His dismissal came after two other former deputy ministers of public security, Sun Lijun and Fu Zhenghua, were fired for corruption in 2021.

Liu “participated in Sun Lijun's political gang” and lived a < b>luxurious lifestylebanquets, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said in a statement.

Xi Jinping has spearheaded an “anti-corruption” campaign of wide reach within the ranks of the party, which analysts say has served its political goals of eliminating enemies and weakening rival factions.

In 2020, Xi launched a renewed “rectification” campaign targeting police, judiciary and state security officials, vowing to “take the poison out of the bone”.

On the other hand, the party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also announced the expulsion of Wang Bin, former chairman of China Life Insurance Company and former vice governor of Liaoning province, Hao Chunrong, for corruption and bribery.

Former vice governor of Liaoning province Gansu, Song Liang, was sentenced to life in prison in September for taking bribes.

According to the communist party, about 4 .7 million officials have been investigated in the past decade.

Despite declaring a “big victory over corruption” among party elites earlier this year, Xi threatened with maintaining the pressure on the officials The corrupt of the party during his speech before the party congress last month.

(With information from AFP)

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