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A former Folichon doorman obtains an absolution after sending a client to the hospital

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Victor Robitaille-Drouin winks as he passes the media, before entering the courtroom.

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The former doorman of the Le Folichon cabaret in L'Ancienne-Lorette, Victor Robitaille-Drouin, who seriously injured a customer, obtained a conditional discharge, Friday, at the Quebec courthouse.

The affair dates back to February 2014. Victor Robitaille-Drouin, who has already participated in strongman competitions, expelled Frédéric Bélanger from the erotic dancers' bar.

During the intervention, Robitaille-Drouin hit the client in the head. The latter had to be hospitalized for two months, being plunged into a coma due to significant head trauma.

The accused Victor Robitaille-Drouin who expels a customer on the evening of February 12, 2014.

The doctors are unanimous on the fact that the victim came close to death, indicated Judge Carl Thibault of the Superior Court, during the pronouncement of the sentence.

At the end of a first trial for serious assault at the end of which he was found guilty, the ex-doorman #x27;was sentenced to 12 months of detention.

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Victor Robitaille-Drouin, who had pleaded self-defense, however requested x27;intervention by the Court of Appeal which annulled the verdict and ordered a new trial.

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Victor Robitaille-Drouin, during his trial in 2018.

The 40-year-old father, however, chose to avoid a second trial, admitting his guilt to a reduced charge of assault causing harm.

During submissions on the sentence, the prosecution asked the judge to impose the same sentence he had already received for the events, i.e. 12 months in prison.

Judge Thibault, however, adhered to the arguments of the defense who requested a conditional discharge.

According to the magistrate, despite the serious injuries suffered by the recalcitrant client, Victor Robitaille-Drouin is eligible for such a measure which spares him a criminal record.

Judge Thibault considers that this was an isolated event, committed in the heat of the moment.

Ex-doorman who now owns his clothing company will get his discharge after making a $3,000 donation to the Pignon Bleu organization and complied with a one-year probation during which he will have to carry out 100 hours of community service.

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