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Un former biker killed in Quebec

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Michel Guérin owned a gym in Quebec.

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Michel Guérin, a former biker affiliated with organized crime, was shot dead Monday morning in Charlesbourg, according to information collected by Radio-Canada. The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) has not yet confirmed that it is a murder, but indicates that the event would be criminal in nature.

Michel Guérin was the head of the outlawed motorcycle club Les Mercenaires which operated an imposing network of drug traffickers associated with the Hells Angels. He was one of around thirty people arrested in 2005 during Operation Despot.

He was then sentenced to serve a sentence of eight years for drug trafficking and for having committed an offense for the benefit of a criminal organization.

Around 6:35 a.m., Monday morning, the police intervened on avenue des Orioles, in the Orsainville sector, in connection with an injured man.

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The police established a security perimeter around the residence.

The 57-year-old man, seriously injured, had to be transported to the #x27;hospital by ambulance. The SPVQ spokesperson says he has no information on the victim's state of health.

According to a person from the neighborhood, the event occurred at the house where Michel Guérin lived. This information was also reported in other media.

Investigators and a canine squad were deployed to the scene, where a security perimeter was set up.

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An investigation has been opened by the SPVQ.

A command post is also on site. The police invite anyone who has information related to this case to contact them.

No person has been arrested in this case yet.

This would be the seventh murder to occur on the territory of Quebec City in 2023. It is the deadliest year since 2017, when nine people were killed, including six during the attack on the Grand Mosque of Quebec.

With information from Colin Côté-Paulette and Isabelle Richer

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