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Affiliated public sector employees at the Common Front are on strike for three days starting Tuesday. Several public services in the greater Quebec region are therefore interrupted or delayed.

In the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions, the Common Front represents 70,000 workers in the health, social services, education and college network, through the four unions that It consists of the APTS, the CSN, the CSQ and the FTQ.

It represents the majority of teachers in Quebec, beneficiary attendants, tens of thousands of support staff in health and education, thousands of technicians and professionals in health and social service establishments.

At the request of the Common Front, a conciliator was also appointed on Monday to try to resolve the impasse which has persisted with the government for months the negotiation table.

We have just demonstrated that we want to negotiate, we are sending a positive sign, argues Josée Scalabrini, the president of the Federation of Education Unions (FSE-CSQ). It is because we are not afraid of our requests that we want a conciliator.

Essential services are maintained in health and in social services, but they do not include education and college teaching.

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Rounds of negotiations took place at 150, René-Lévesque, in Quebec.

In the region, activities and courses are therefore suspended in the Beauce-Appalaches, Garneau, Lévis, Limoilou, St-Lawrence and Sainte-Foy CEGEPs.

Teachers from the school service centers (CSS) of Beauce-Etchemin, Charlevoix, Découvreurs, Navigateurs and Portneuf are on strike, the schools of these CSS are closed for three days.

Teachers are calling for three main elements: improving the composition of the class, lightening the workload and better remuneration to make the profession more attractive. In a negotiation, we want to negotiate, we don't want to be laughed at. The president of the Treasury Board comes out and says she is waiting for a counter-offer. When there is a real offer, there will be a counter-offer, underlines Josée Scalabrini.

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Several days of strikes are on the union agenda in November.

Their colleagues from the service centers in the Capital and the First Lordships are affiliated with the Autonomous Education Federation. They will therefore instead be on an indefinite general strike from Thursday.

However, the schools in these two centers are already closed since the professional staff and support staff are already on strike with the Common Front.

The Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ) will in turn be on strike Thursday and Friday.

Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy, spokesperson for the official opposition on education and higher education, went to the picket line in front of 150, boulevard René-Lévesque, in Quebec City on Tuesday morning. /p>

We hear it, people stop to honk their horns, people support the teachers. We want to have qualified teachers in Quebec, they are here. They also have the right to earn their living, she insists.

Parti Québécois MP Pascal Paradis was also present on the picket line. He welcomes the appointment of a conciliator to move the negotiations forward.

I salute the state workers for doing this proposal which aims to unblock negotiations at all tables. What's unfortunate is that we had to go there, he notes.

With information from Colin Côté -Paulette

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