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A first section one km of the doubling of the A55 is completed

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A first section of one kilometer is completed.

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The year 2023 will end not before the long-awaited doubling of Highway 55, between Bécancour and Sainte-Eulalie, has been launched. A first section of one kilometer has just been completed, while five more will be added in 2024.

A first section of one kilometer of asphalt has just been delivered to the Quebec Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, as planned. In addition, a retention basin almost the length of a football field was built to withstand possible surges of water, including those from the spring flood.

The one who strongly campaigned for the doubling of Highway 55 observed on site, in Sainte-Eulalie, the progress of the work. It’s a project that has started and will not stop. It's beyond my expectations that we've gotten to this point, says Bécancour resident Rémi Provencher.

A little Patience is still required, since even if it is ready, motorists will not be able to drive on this section before 2025.

The 27 kilometers which are still single track between Bécancour and Sainte-Eulalie must be doubled by 2028.

With the rapid development of the battery sector, in Bécancour, the member for Nicolet-Bécancour is starting to wonder if we should not move forward the deadlines.

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I still have hope that it will happen faster because the traffic already has a lot increase. With the entire battery sector, I anticipate that it will increase even faster, declares CAQ leader Donald Martel.

The doubling of Highway 55 is part of a list of 180 infrastructure projects, the completion of which is accelerated by a law adopted in December 2020.

The end of the work is scheduled for 2028 and calls for tenders should soon be launched for the year 2024. It is planned to connect the first section to the pipeline. Highway 20 and extend it five kilometers northward to Saint-Wencelas.

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