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A wine war in the process of fermentation between Alberta and British Columbia

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Alberta argues that it thus intends to defend the population against direct sales to consumers. (Archive photo)


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An interprovincial wine war is brewing after Alberta's provincial liquor regulator told British Columbia winemakers it would not stock their products in retail stores at all. Unless they stop shipping them directly to consumers.

It's a real threat, says Al Hudec, a lawyer hired by British Columbia wine growers to oppose the neighboring province's decision.

“BC wineries are not breaking any laws in Alberta,” he says. “This is simply a power grab against them. »

Last week, the Alberta Gaming, Alcohol and Cannabis Commission (AGLC), which regulates the sale of alcohol in the province by controlling wholesale and distribution, sent a letter to British Columbia wineries.

In her letter, she said she had investigated the practice of Alberta consumers ordering wine directly from British Columbia wineries instead of purchasing it in regional stores. Our investigation found tangible evidence of your involvement in [direct-to-consumer] shipping of wines across Alberta.

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