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Famous hunter and his wife guilty of poaching in Alberta and B.C. .

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Lyne and Michel Beaulieu were convicted of poaching in Alberta and British Columbia.

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The host of the hunting show, Alpine Carnivore on Wild TV, and his wife have been found guilty of several poaching charges in Alberta and British Columbia, conservation services confirm nature and wildlife of the two provinces.

Michel Beaulieu and Lyne Beaulieu between them must pay more than $31,500 in fines in total.< /p>

In Alberta, the couple's fine is $25,000 for illegally hunting bighorn sheep, elk and moose between August 2020 and September 2021, says the agency responsible for enforcing the provincial conservation law wildlife, Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement (AFWE).

AFWE explains on its Facebook page that the couple notably hunted without a license, hunted while the season was closed, provided false information and illegally exported wild animals.

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In British Columbia, Michel Beaulieu pleaded guilty to letting a third person use his hunting license, indicates the B.C. Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS). His fine is $4,500. His wife was fined $2,000 for hunting without a license.

These actions demonstrate a blatant disregard for conservation laws fish and wildlife in British Columbia and elsewhere, said BCCOS inspector Kyle Ackles.

Unfortunately, interprovincial poaching is not unusual.

A quote from Kyle Ackles, inspector at BCCOS

Both agencies say the investigation lasted two years. It included execution warrants in Alberta and British Columbia, DNA testing and ballistics expertise.

The content of Michel Beaulieu's show has been removed from all Wild TV platforms, indicates the channel's management, which is deeply disturbed and disappointed by the situation.

We do not support hunts that break the law or go against our values, continues the channel's publication on its Facebook page. However, the show's YouTube channel, which has over 10,000 subscribers, still features this content.

We stand with outdoor enthusiasts who despise poaching.

p>A quote from Excerpt from Wild TV's Facebook post

In a video published, on the Instagram page ofAlpine Carnivore , Michel Beaulieu apologized: [It] was not done with the intention of causing harm.

However, the couple faces other charges in British Columbia for, among other things, hunting without a license in 2022.

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