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A driver kills two pedestrians at Showed al

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Two pedestrians died early Monday in the north of Montreal after being hit by a car whose driver fled.


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A driver killed two pedestrians early Monday in Montreal after hitting them with his vehicle. The 23-year-old man fled before being arrested by the police.

Around 1:20 a.m., police officers police of the City of Montreal (SPVM) were called to go to the intersection of Henri-Bourassa Ouest and l'Acadie boulevards.

When they arrived, they found two people unconscious on the ground; They were pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect had left the scene.

Speed ​​could be a factor in this tragedy.

According to information obtained from witnesses met by the police at the scene, the suspect vehicle was traveling at high speed on Boulevard Henri Bourassa.

A quote from Caroline Chèvrefils, spokesperson for the Police Department of the City of Montreal

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Helped by information from witnesses, the police dispatched the canine squad which made it possible to locate the driver and proceed to arrest him not far from the scene of the impact, while he was fleeing on foot.

He had stopped his vehicle near the #x27;intersection of boulevard Henri-Bourassa Ouest and rue Dutrisac, in the borough of Saint-Laurent.

He was transported in a hospital center while waiting to be questioned by SPVM investigators.

The identity of the two victims has not yet been been revealed.

With information from Sarah Déry

With information from The Canadian Press

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