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A drawing by Michelangelo with a sheet of his remaining straight board was sold at auction for over 200 thousand. dolars

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

Michelangelo's drawing with a sheet of his remaining straight edge was sold at auction for over 200 thousand dollars

Photo: Baby Michelangelo and a sheet of his remaining direct pad. Getty Images/ANGELA WEISS/AFP

Drawing by Michelangelo Buonarroti sheet of his direct pad Cosimo Buonarroti sold at auction Christie's in New -York for 201,600 dollars. The drawing was not signed by Michelangelo, but experts at the auction house were able to establish his authorship. About this The Artnews. 

A small baby was found on the back of the frame of another painting, the authorship of which is attributed to Michelangelo. This painting was preserved in a private collection. On the yellow arched paper there is a picture of Marmur's shaving and the Italian word simile (similar). It is important that Michelangelo himself completed work on the Sistine Chapel stele.

Christie's confirmed the findings that Michelangelo himself created the baby, although the work is not signed.

According to the auction The house has been assessed This drawing and sheet plate cost 8,000 dollars, but the price, for which these artifacts were added, turned out to be higher. The particular buyer or purchaser will not be dismayed.

The leaf of 1836 was written by Cosima Buonarroti – the remaining direct drawing of Michelangelo. He preached Michelangelo's words to John Bowring, who later became governor of Hong Kong. Signature of the remaining works below on the paper.

Michelangelo – one of the three titans of the High Renaissance in Italy. He was a sculptor, artist, architect, poet and engineer. I created this slaughter and was priced for my life. Michelangelo is the author of the sculptures “David”, “Bacchus”, “P’eta”. He is also the author of the frescoes at the Sistine Chapel near the Vatican, which were painted from 1508 to 1512.

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