A Debinha penalty goal gave the Brazilians the eighth title in nine editions of the tournament.

A Debinha penalty goal gave the Brazilians the eighth title in nine editions of the tournament.

Colombia had dedication and a good game for many moments in the final, but they paid dearly for their lack of forcefulness and Brazil, in an isolated move, they beat it 1-0 this Saturday in Bucaramanga, to win the title of the women's Copa América.

Nelson Abadía's team met its primary objectives, going to the World Cup and the Olympics, and was excited about a crown that , per game, had close. He missed the goal. Which is not little.

The match preview was marked by fear. How to play against a team that has always been superior to its peers in South America, that has won five games, with 19 goals for and none against?

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Press versions showed how this doubt even reached the board of the Colombian coaching staff, who, they said, had considered the idea of ​​playing something similar to what they did in the friendlies against the United States, with five defenders and sacrificing talent. It was a topic of conversation for hours and hours in the media and networks.

In the end, coach Nelson Abadía decided to maintain his idea of ​​the entire Cup, with only one change:
the exit of Mónica Ramos and the entry of Daniela Caracas, a natural center back, as a right back.

A penalty goal by Debinha gave the Brazilians the eighth title in nine editions of the tournament.

The first minutes were of many shocks, and very strong. Like the foul that Daniela Montoya committed on Angelina, who took the Brazilian out of the game before 10 minutes.

Colombia, dominant in the first half, but without force

But after that start with a lot of nerve and a strong leg, Colombia stood up with authority, had initiative and made Brazil have their worst minutes in the tournament. The clearest, a free kick by Catalina Usme that the goalkeeper Lorena demanded.

The lack of forcefulness that affected Colombia in many moments of the tournament returned in that first stage and that is why it was not possible to go ahead. On the other hand, when the field was worse, Brazil found the 0-1 after a very clear penalty, due to a foul by Manuela Vanegas on Debinha. The affected one herself charged and totally deceived Catalina Pérez, for the goal at 38 minutes.

A Despite the goal, Colombia did not lose spirit or initiative and continued to lead. There was even a dubious play, due to a hold on Mayra Ramírez in the area, which neither the central judge, Argentine María Laura Fortunato , nor the person in charge of the VAR, the Paraguayan Zulma Quiñónez, considered it a penalty.

< br>Colombia felt the effort of the first stage and already the first minutes of the second were more similar to what was expected in the previous one, with Brazil taking the ball and putting conditions and with the locals withdrawn in their field to look for a counterattack .

And just as Brazil lost a player early, Colombia suffered an important loss, that of Mayra Ramírez, who ended up with ice on her knee. Abadía ended up putting one more piece in the middle, Diana Ospina, and left Catalina Usme on point, to try to regain control of the midfield.

Colombia's second wind to find a tie

The National Team found a new impetus and was once again the dominant team for much of the first half, although without demanding the Brazilian goalkeeper, partly due to lack of skill, partly because the attackers lacked the panorama to see their teammates better located.

With six to go, Abadía decided to take a risk: she disarmed the security block by taking out Lorena Bedoya to mischief in the attack with the youthful Gisela Robledo. And so, the team did not lose the insistence. In fact, the tie came close with a shot from mid-range by Catalina Usme that required goalkeeper Lorena.

Colombia had never been so close to a women's continental title at the senior team level. But the experience weighs. Brazil had only one option and put it. Colombia came, came and came, but did not convert. Still, nothing to complain about.

José Orlando Ascencio
Deputy Sports Editor

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