A dating app for people looking to have children

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According to its creators, the platform can also help those who want to find a father or mother for their child

A dating app for people looking to have kids

An app for people who want to have kids. (photo: It was mom)

There are many options that adapt to the needs of Internet users who are interested in looking for a date such as Tinder, Bumble, Badoo or even Grindr. But there are also apps for those looking to start a family, and one of them is Lullamates.

The app is designed for those who want to become In parents so they can fall in love or get to know each other knowing that the other also wants to have a son or a daughter. According to Esther Peñalver,CEO and founder of the startup, the platform has an algorithm that can analyze people's compatibility.

Although before it was normal that if someone met a person and started a relationship , you ended up having children with her, but times have changed. More and more young people decide not to start a family for economic reasons, due to overpopulation or simply because they don't want to. That's why Lullamate came at the right time, so that whoever wants to be a father or mother knows where to look.

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An app to also find the father or mother of a child

The application went live last October and was born out of a “personal need” of its founder, a 40-year-old engineer who runs a technology business incubator in Murcia, Spain.

Three years ago she began to move through the dating platforms, but she realized that “she could not go with the premise that she wanted to be a mother, she could not count it in the second beer.” He felt “great frustration” until, researching, he found several consolidated projects in the Anglo-Saxon application market to connect “people with matching values ​​and who, pragmatically, have a child and share their upbringing”, explained the < b>CEO of Lullamate in an interview conducted by El País of Spain.

Her partner, Fuensanta Megía, acknowledges that at first the idea was “crazy”. Afterwards, she analyzed her surroundings. “Many of my friends are divorced and share custody of their children. Family diversity has permeated more and more in society, couple relationships have changed and evolved”, he explains for the same medium.

A dating app for people looking to have kids

(photo: Lullamate)

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“Anyone can look around and see that the family model What we consider normal, of a married couple with children, is actually not that common and does not work for everyone. There are already many forms of co-parenting and Lullamate only facilitates contact between people interested in it”, sums up Peñalver. In its first month of life, the app reached 600 users.

In addition to finding love, Lullamate is presented as an application to find someone father or mother of a child, which is known as co-parenting. “The idea of ​​being parents with friends and different affective relationships from the birth of a child is a reality outside of the cinema. Good parents don't need love, as evidenced by couples who break up or never stay together as a relationship, but raise a child together,” he concluded.

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