A cure for humans for stomach ailments turns out to be beneficial for the treatment of plants

Scientists conducted a study, during which they found out the unexpected benefits of a chemical used in medicine. The drug, which was previously actively used to treat humans, turned out to be useful for plants as well.

Cure for humans for stomach ailments turns out to be beneficial for plant healing

Brazilian and German specialists working at the University of ParanĂ¡ and the University of Martin Luther were able to find out these properties of the pharmaceutical product. They conducted a comprehensive study trying to figure out how to stop the fungal disease that affects crops. In their work, they found a new metabolic pathway. If it is affected and destroyed, it is possible to prevent the defeat of healthy plants by pathogenic fungi. Most often, this disease occurs on the leaves of corn. They become stained, begin to turn yellow and then die under the influence of toxins.

Researchers have found that before infecting a culture, spores get to its surface. This environment is not suitable for them, because it is aggressive. The particles lack nitrogen. For this, their survival mechanism has a path that helps them to adapt and survive this stage. They break down some of their molecules containing the necessary substance and this helps them to get stronger. It is at this moment that they need to be influenced, biologists have found out. Until the mushrooms have hardened, you need to destroy them, preventing this process from starting.

Scientists have found out and how spores can be poisoned. To do this, they used acetohydroxamic acid – it is used to create medicines for people and treat stomach diseases. Scientists received a positive result during the experiment, and then they tried the pharmaceutical substance on some other agricultural ailments – on corn rust, potato late blight and powdery mildew of grain crops. In all cases, they received the same positive result.

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