A court in Argentina convicted a woman and her partner for the murder of one of their sons

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The sentence against Magdalena Espósito Valenti and her girlfriend Abigail Páez for the crime of 5-year-old Lucio Dupuy will be known in another hearing, although everything indicates who will receive life imprisonment

The verdict of the court of La Pampa, Argentina, for the crime of Lucio Dupuy

A court in the Argentine province of La Pampa (center) found a couple of women guilty this Thursday for the murder of the five-year-old son of one of them, in a case that shocked society due to the abuse alerts that were not detected by the justice, health or education systems.

The boy Lucio Dupuy was sexually abused and beaten to death on November 26, 2021 in the Pampas city of Santa Rosa, where his mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti, 25, and her partner, Abigail Páez, lived< /b>, 28 years old.

At this Thursday's hearing, The mother, Espósito Valenti, was found guilty of “triplely qualified homicide” for the relationship, treachery, and cruelty against the child, but she was acquitted of sexual abuse, according to the verdict released by the court made up of judges Alejandra Ongaro, Andrés Olié and Daniel Sáez Zamora.

Páez, meanwhile, was found guilty of “double qualified homicide” for treachery and cruelty and for the crime of “sexual abuse by carnal access through the anal route executed with a phallic object” aggravated because it was the guardian and for being committed to a minor, taking advantage of coexistence.

The defendants were not present at the hearing, who are detained in the neighboring province of San Luis, nor their public advisors.

An Argentine court found a woman and her partner guilty of the murder of one of their sons

Protesters accompanied the family in the request for justice for Lucio (Gastón Taylor)

Santa Rosa Attorney General, Máximo Paulucci, told the media that “the feeling is positive ” because the verdict, “to a large extent, is the expectation” of the Prosecutor's Office.

“We are relatively satisfied,” said the plaintiff lawyer, José María Aguerrido, despite the fact that the court ruled out his claim of “hate crime” for gender reasons.

Aguerrido hopes that the sentence, which will be released in another hearing, will be life imprisonment.< /p>

The boy's mother testified that, on the morning of the homicide, she left Lucio alive, in the care of his girlfriend, who admitted that he hit the boy, that he lost consciousness, tried to to resuscitate him, and took him to a medical ward and from there to the hospital where he was left for dead.

Lucio's family claims that they both serve sentences separately because they are a couple.

An Argentine court found guilty a woman and her partner for the murder of the son of one of them

Lucio's father and grandfather, embracing after the verdict was read (Gastón Taylor)

The cruelty of the case shocks Argentina, and the fact that different institutions failed in detecting the violence suffered by the child. A judge had removed custody of the minor from the father's family and granted it to the mother.

The boy's father, Christian Dupuy, present in the courtroom, hugged his relatives with tears in his eyes after hearing the verdict.

Dupuy had called for a march to the courts on Thursday, and relatives, protesters and victims' defense associations demanded “justice” and prison “life sentence” out loud.

As a consequence of the crime, the Government sent to Congress a bill known as the “Lucio law” to create a “Federal Training Plan” for public officials in rights of children, which until now has only been approved by the Chamber of Deputies.

(With information from EFE)

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