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A comment posted for help from Yannick Gagnon's Facebook account makes the PQ react

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Pascal Bérubé at a press conference, Wednesday.


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A comment published using the Facebook account of Jonquière MP Yannick Gagnon outraged his PQ counterpart from Matane-Matapédia, Pascal Bérubé, on Wednesday. According to the team of the elected representative of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), the comment was written by an employee and not personally by the MP.

In response to a comment from a citizen, the member for Jonquière stated on Facebook on Saturday that projects such as the return of the Jonquière-Médic home medical consultation service and the development of a new SAAQ service center in Jonquière could be realized only because it is part of the Legault government.

In one year, I proved the strength to the people of Jonquière that being in government is an accelerator of development. The SAAQ remains in Jonquière. Not possible if not in government. The relaunch of Jonquière-Médic. Not possible if not in government, could we read in the comment written in the first person on the social network.

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The member for Jonquière, Yannick Gagnon.

This statement offended the member for Matane-Matapédia, Pascal Bérubé, who expressed his indignation Wednesday at a press conference in Quebec. He was unaware then that it would have been written and published by an employee.

He said something very serious, in my opinion. He talks about the issues of the Jonquière riding and he says that if he were not in government, it would not exist. If you are not in government, no announcement in your county. No development, underlined the PQ.

Yannick Gagnon thus implied, according to him, that the Legault government discriminates against counties led by members of the opposition by favoring the projects of CAQ deputies.

I thought that this kind of statement was a thing of the past. Does this mean that the CAQ government was withholding files when it was Sylvain Gaudreault and now there are announcements because they are in power?

A quote from Pascal Bérubé, PQ MP for Matane-Matapédia

Joined by Radio-Canada on Wednesday afternoon, Pierre-Luc Desbiens, the director of the Yannick MP's office Gagnon admitted that the comment was awkward.

He assured that the latter had been written by an employee in good faith. Since then, the employee in question has been met by the team and the comment has been deleted.

Pascal Bérubé's team had, however, recorded screenshots before it was removed. These were transmitted to Radio-Canada.

On Saturday, Yannick Gagnon published a photo at the National Assembly on Facebook. He said he spent an “intense week” in Quebec in order to “advance major projects for Jonquière”, including the protection of Lake Kénogami.

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A subscriber then took advantage of the publication to express under the latter her dissatisfaction with Yannick Gagnon's decision to vote against the Liberal Party's motion requesting the cancellation of the subsidy offered to the Los Angeles Kings to play at the Videotron Center in 2024. Yannick Gagnon then responded to the long comment in question.

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