A collaborator who swore “loyalty to Russia” in order to torture Ukrainians was detained in Kherson

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A collaborator who swore loyalty to Russia to torture Ukrainians was detained in Kherson

Photo: facebook .com/SecurSerUkraine

The Security Service of Ukraine detained another collaborator in Kherson, who helped the fascists carry out mass repressions against local residents during the occupation of the city.

The perpetrator is a resident of the regional center, who after After taking over the region, he voluntarily cooperated with the Russian invaders, the press service of the SBU reports. in a local prison called "isolator #1".

In this "position" he escorted kidnapped Ukrainians to the cells of the occupation prison, where he participated in the torture of the victims.

It was established that the perpetrator beat the Ukrainian prisoners, took their personal belongings and left them without food and water for a long time.

During physical violence against the victims, the collaborator repeatedly threatened to kill them.< /em>

In this way, the Rashists tried to intimidate local residents and “break” the fighting spirit of the members of the resistance movement.

After the liberation of Kherson, the attacker tried to "lie down" and thereby avoid justice. However, SBU employees located him and detained him., – the message says.

During the search of the suspect's apartment, the following were found:

  • an occupation “pass” that allowed him to pass through Russian checkpoints unimpeded;
  • "excerpt from the order" on appointment to a "position" in the ranks of the invading body;
  • "reference" about admission to the administration of the Russian torture chamber;
  • the “oath” signed by the collaborator on loyalty to the aggressor country and an application for citizenship of the Russian Federation.

Based on the collected evidence, the suspect was notified of suspicion under Part 7 of Art. 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (collaborative activity).

Currently, the issue of selecting a preventive measure for him in the form of detention is being resolved. The perpetrator faces up to 15 years in prison.

Stabilization measures were carried out by SBU employees in the Kherson region together with the National Police under the procedural guidance of the regional prosecutor's office.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga