A Chilean police commissioner was murdered in cold blood with a shot to the head and two others to the body

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Criminals killed him to steal his car from his doorstep

A Chilean police commissioner was murdered in cold blood with a shot to the head and two others to the body


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

A Chilean police commissioner was murdered in cold blood with a shot to the head and two others to the body

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A commissioner of the Investigative Police of Chile PDI, Daniel Valdés Donoso, was intercepted by criminals to steal his car, right outside your house.

The event occurred around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, in a populous commune in the metropolitan region of the Chilean capital. The policeman who is a member of the PDI worked in the PDI's Brigade for Investigation of Intellectual Property Crimes (Bridepi). According to the first police reports, the victim would have left his house, when he was intercepted by a man who got out of another vehicle. Details of whether there was a physical confrontation are still unknown, the truth is that the police officer was killed with at least four shots, two of which hit his chest and one hit his face.

Witnesses, the same residents of the sector, after hearing the shots gave him first aid, then he was transferred to the Barros Luco Hospital by his police colleagues. In the care center he remained in life-threatening condition and two hours later his death was confirmed.

The national director of the Chilean Investigative Police, Sergio Muñoz, lamented the fact. “We have information about an attack on one of our officials with a firearm, which caused his death after around three to four shots,” he said.

Then, the authority Police gave details about the course of the investigation. “The investigation has been carried out from the first minute in coordination with the Public Ministry. We are making progress in the proceedings pending to locate the perpetrators of this act. (…) All the powers and capabilities of the Chille Investigative Police are ready to investigate these events,” he concluded.

From the Chilean justice system, through the Head of Flagrancy of the South Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, Nadia Mondiglio, it was confirmed hours later that “investigations are being carried out regarding a vehicle that would have participated in the scene,” which was found in La Pintana.

No arrests so far, the police, through the Criminalistics Laboratory of the PDI, direct the collection of ballistic evidence, to determine the origin of the weapon used.

From the Chilean government, they regretted and repudiated the crime. The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, He was with the family of the deceased commissioner, in the premises of the same hospital where he died to offer his condolences. “This is a tragedy, as the death of a person always is, especially at the hands of crime,” said the Secretary of State.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Interior, in charge of national security, Manuel MonsalveHe met in hours of Wednesday morning with the new national prosecutor, Ángel Valencia, and referred to what happened with Commissioner Valdés. Briefly, he pointed out that it is “the Public Ministry that investigates, the Judiciary that determines the responsibilities,” he said.

When specifically consulted about the incident that occurred with the deceased police officer, He added that “we must wait for the circumstances” of the murder to be clarified and that, according to information provided by the PDI, “this murder did not take place in the context of a door slam.”

One shot to the head and two in the the body: Criminals assassinate a civil police commissioner in Chile

Minister Tohá also indicated that an exhaustive investigation will be carried out. “Today she has died in the vicinity of her vehicle, the situation is being investigated and we came to give her mother, first of all -her brothers are traveling-, to her partner, our greetings . No mother, no partner, no child should live what they are living today. Our commitment is to do everything that is in the hands of the State, everything that the law allows us, so that these situations do not happen again”, after which he stressed that “crimes occur in many places, but in Chile we are experiencing them with such frequency, with such violence, that we cannot get used to it, whoever the victim is,” he said.

In the framework of the investigations that have just begun , images emerged that could be key to identifying the perpetrators of the crime. This is a video that shows the alleged perpetrator of the crime while firing the shots.

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