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A Canadian farmer discovered the wreckage of a SpaceX spacecraft in his field

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

Canadian farmer found wreckage of SpaceX spacecraft in his field

Canadian farmer found wreckage of SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in his field. It happened in Saskatchewan. The debris may belong to the Axiom Space Ax-3 mission craft, which may have fallen on February 26.

Barry Sawchuk found the charred debris, 2 meters wide and weighing 40 kg, while seeding in late April. Saskatchewan usually gets a lot of snow, so the farmer might not have noticed the foreign objects in the field earlier. 

Canadian farmer discovered debris of SpaceX spacecraft in his field

SpaceX has not confirmed whether its debris belongs to the craft, but experts have noted that it is likely the remains of a Crew Dragon storage compartment. The Transport and Safety Board of Canada noted that there were no reports of crashes of planes or other devices that could explain the appearance of the object. p>

In August 2022, a fragment of Crew Dragon was found in Australia in a sheep pen. Then the fact was confirmed by SpaceX and the Australian Space Agency. Benjamin Reed, senior director of SpaceX's manned space flight program, said at the time that no one was injured when the debris fell, and it landed where it was expected. “We use models to predict and plan for these things,” Reid added, stressing that SpaceX works closely with NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration on such matters.

In April 2021, debris from a SpaceX rocket was discovered on farm in downtown Washington. It was the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket.

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