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A California startup has doubled the efficiency of solar panels per unit area

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

Californijskij startup doubles solar panel efficiency per unit area

Planeted Solar startup uses construction robots and extremely dense layout of solar panels to achieve significantly higher energy output and profitability, while simple and efficient fasteners are less disruptive to the soil. Yes, Planted solar panels with a capacity of 1 MW can be placed on only 0.8 hectares of land, while conventional panels of the same capacity would require about 2 hectares. The company recently raised $20 million in investment from venture capitalists, including Bill Gates, to conduct large-scale prototype testing.

Usually, photovoltaic modules at solar power plants are arranged in rows, with certain gaps between them. The company Planeted Solar offers a different design – one-piece canvas of photocells. The supports of the structure make it possible to ignore the unevenness of the landscape with a slope of up to 27%. This reduces the cost of land works and allows you to get more energy per square meter. For clean energy, this is quite an important indicator, since solar power plants need a lot of free and flat space.

“Compared to south-facing and tilting designs, the Planted panel array provides comparable kWh/kWh output using a higher inverter load ratio and is significantly cheaper in design and installation cost. All this reduces the amount of work and risks, and also requires less land area”, – the company's press release says.

Planted's 1MW solar panels can be placed on just 0.8 hectares of land, whereas about 2 hectares would normally be needed. Bearing elements, compatible with all formats of modern solar panels, cut costs in half and shorten installation times. In addition, the company's approach makes it possible to reduce soil erosion.

After completing the design phase, the company uses robots to install the panels, writes PV Magazine.

According to Planed Solar CEO Eric Brown, the company is developing rapidly and is ready to move from the stage of prototypes to real projects.

Natasha Kumar

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