A brand new Lotus will be launched in 2021

A brand new Lotus will be launched in 2021

New products are extremely rare at Lotus. In the summer of 2019, the British brand unveiled a first new production model since 2008, the electric supercar Evija.

Now, she confirms that the replacement for the Evora will launch later in 2021.

Hitherto known under the code name “Type 131”, the new sports car in question will be, according to the rumors which circulate, the last Lotus in the history to exploit a combustion engine before the company jumps to foot. joints in the electric.

Details about it are still very limited and the only image released by the company so far shows the Evija alongside three cars concealed by a veil. So a whole family is coming.

Photo: Lotus

Obviously, by succeeding the Evora (not to mention the Elise and Exige), the Type 131 will have a lot of work to do. We can expect the same basic recipe – lightness, low center of gravity, priority to the driving sensations – but with a new platform and more technology. The engine would still be placed in the middle position, but it will likely be different from the current supercharged 3.5-liter V6 producing 416 horsepower.

By the way, more than 170 million dollars will be invested by Lotus in its factory in Hethel, England, to develop and produce the Type 131. If all goes well, prototypes will emerge this year; commercialization will not go until 2022.

Lotus has already mentioned that all of its future cars will be designed for international use, and of course North America is on the plans.

In video: our souvenir test drive of the 2008 Lotus Elise


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