A boat wrecked in the Mexican Pacific: an Ecuadorian girl dead and seven missing

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The missing include four children and a teenager. Relatives of the victims have received threats from traffickers who took their loved ones on an irregular and dangerous journey to enter the United States

A boat was wrecked in the Pací Mexican fico: a dead Ecuadorian girl and seven missing


Yalilé LoaizaFrom Quito

A boat wrecked in the Mexican Pacific: an Ecuadorian girl dead and seven disappeared

The shipwreck happened on the maritime border between Oaxaca and Chiapas in Mexico. The Mexican authorities have not yet ruled. (1800Migrante.com)

The organization 1800 Migrante, which provides accompaniment and legal advice to migrants, has reported that a boat with 30 passengers capsized on the state border between Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico. There are seven deceased Ecuadorians and the death of a 9-year-old Ecuadorian girl has already been confirmed.

This new tragedy adds to the recurring reports of accidents in which the main victims are irregular migrants seeking to reach the United States.

According to the information Provided by 1800 Migrante, which monitors the case, 21 Ecuadorians and 9 Cubans were transported on the boat. The missing include four children between the ages of 4 and 9, a 16-year-old teenager, a 27-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man.

A boat wrecked in the Mexican Pacific: an Ecuadorian girl dead and seven missing

Soledad Yantaguano, 27, and her children Elkin Quinaloa, 4, and Maykel Quinaloa, 9, are missing after the boat they were traveling in capsized in Mexico. (1800Migrantes.com)

The boat ran out of gasoline and they could not navigate the strong waves. The shipwreck happened around 2 in the morning. Some local fishermen who were carrying out their tasks helped the migrants. Neither the Oaxaca nor the Chiapas prosecutors in Mexico have ruled on the accident.

Luis Ilvis, an Ecuadorian who arrived in the United States ten years ago months, spoke with El Universo and he recounted that in the shipwreck “my wife, a son and two brothers were saved, along with other Ecuadorians, because they were able to grab hold of a gallon of gasoline that was floating, but one daughter drowned and another is missing.” ”.

The Ilvis family is originally from Quito, according to the local newspaper. Six of the members, including four minors, undertook the journey to reach the United States on October 27, but misfortune struck on November 18: “They did it on foot, they crossed Colombia, the Darién Strait and all of Central America until they reached Chiapas”.

A boat wrecked in the Mexican Pacific: a Ecuadorian girl dead and seven missing

Irene Guaña, five years old, is still missing. Daniela Ilvis passed away. They are victims of the shipwreck of the boat that was transporting 30 migrants, 21 Ecuadorians and 9 Cubans. (1800Migrante.com)

9-year-old Daniela Ilvis drowned in the shipwreck. Irene Guaña, 5 years old, is missing. Both would belong to the same family nucleus.

“The shipwreck occurred around two in the morning, they were clinging to that plastic container for several hours, until some fishermen helped them disembark in some islets, then They found my daughter's body, but she was already swelling and bubbles were coming out of her mouth and eyes, they wanted to take her, but they couldn't because she had already started to decompose, they had to leave her buried and dump my daughter who knows where” , Daniela Ilvis's father told El Universo.

The spokesman for 1800 Migrante, William Murillo, has made a public statement requesting the Chiapas Prosecutor's Office to initiate procedures to find the Ecuadorians who disappeared in the shipwreck.

A boat was wrecked in the Mexican Pacific: one Ecuadorian girl dead and seven missing

Five-year-old Emily Lumbi also disappeared in the shipwreck. She is one of five minors whose whereabouts are unknown. (1800Migrante.com)

The The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador issued a statement indicating that the Ecuadorian authorities have made contact with the relatives of the migrants who were victims of the shipwreck. The institution indicated that “until Sunday afternoon there is no official information from the Mexican authoritiesTherefore, work is being done to ensure that relatives in Ecuador provide information about the criminal structures that transferred their loved ones.”

The institution has warned that the relatives of The migrants who lived through the shipwreck have been threatened so that they do not provide information about who took their relatives on such a risky journey and they pointed out that: “It is strange that companies that do business with migrants promulgate information on crimes related to human trafficking . We have warned the US authorities to initiate an investigation into some telephone numbers and social media accounts dedicated to allegedly serving migrants”.

A boat was wrecked boat in the Mexican Pacific: a dead Ecuadorian girl and seven missing

Jonathan Lumbi, a 16-year-old from Quito, and Vinicio Lumbe, 31, from Guanujo, Guaranda, are two of the missing from the shipwreck. (1800Migrante.com)

In October of this year, Infobaewarned in a report about the practice of Ecuadorian human traffickers promoting “safe travel” on TikTok for irregular migrants to the United States. The coyotes charge between 5,000 and 20,000 dollars and expose family groups, who now travel more frequently, to extremely risky journeys, such as the Darién jungle, and to extremely poor conditions to reach the United States illegally.

< p class="paragraph">According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, in August of this year alone, 12,252 Ecuadorians left the country through this border area, where it is enough to present an identification document to cross into Colombia.

In conversation with Infobae, counselor Marcelo Hurtado, director of Protection for Ecuadorians Abroad of the The Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility of Ecuador, stated that this type of migration is risky since the economic, physical, and psychological costs of entering the United States irregularly are high: “there are risks to one's integrity, to life… failures are frequent foundations due to traffic accidents (of the trucks that transport migrants)… There are crimes against physical integrity, as well as the monumental psychic risk of everything they go through, of everything they see”.