A blow in the back to Ukraine: the policy of the Polish authorities does not depend on the elections, but on their mentality

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Stab in the back to Ukraine: the policy of the Polish authorities depends not on the elections, but on their mentality

"Poland expectedly, despite the initial help, for which we are grateful, she hit her back. It does this systematically and step by step: first, these are historical claims against Bandera, then Volyn, which they themselves created with their atrocities against Ukrainians, in particular, during the pacification; now the ban on the import of grain and, finally, Duda's brutal attack, that Ukraine resembles a drowning man who pulls down”, – writes the philologist and politician Iryna Farion in her blog.

In her opinion, Putin received the best support “We didn't have to wait long. Together, they divided Ukraine in the same way over the centuries: the Poles from 1569, the Muscovites from 1654. It was the Poles who pushed Khmelnytskyi into the arms of Moscow. It was they who shed blood in our competitions of 1918-1921. It is a big mistake to trust them and you should never count on your neighbors. Yes, by the way, Bandera always bequeathed. When Shukhevych called on the Poles during World War II to join the front against the Germans and Muscovites, they did not listen. And they always went against us. Unfortunate people who do not understand that the most terrible enemy is the Muscovite, on whose side they are now gradually coming. And the point is not in the elections, but in their mentality. We have no other options but to fight. And no frills. To victory. Let's keep the boundaries of hearts!" – said Farion.

She also spoke about Poland's probable cancellation of support for immigrants from 2024.

"You shouldn't have any complaints. Instead, one should have dignity and not sit on the shoulders of a foreign country. This is especially true of Westerners. Enough!!! It's humiliating. Return home to fight for Ukraine or follow the four winds. Learn from the Poles to be nationalists, but not chauvinists,” the scientist said.