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A Minister of Blaine Higgs will not be in the next election

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New Brunswick Minister of Natural Resources Mike Holland.


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Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister and Albert MP Mike Holland says he will not be a candidate in the next provincial election.

A nomination meeting will take place on February 14 in the riding of Albert-Riverview, created after the most recent electoral division.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">When I look at the work that's been done, I feel like it's a complete body of work that we can build on…and I think I can step back and say: "job well done", then move on.

Mike Holland was first elected in 2018, then re-elected in 2020 The fact that his partner lives in Nova Scotia was a factor in his decision, he says.

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Minister Mike Holland says he leaves with a sense of accomplishment. (Archive photo)

Mike Holland adds that his choice was not influenced in any way by internal divisions within the Progressive Conservative Party nor by the controversy surrounding the changes to policy 713.

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The minister emphasizes that he could not have accomplished certain measures, such as increasing the number of protected lands, without the support of Blaine Higgs.

I know that through my work as a minister, I had the support I needed. There were times when me and Blaine Higgs disagreed, but we found common ground to make progress, he points out.

Mike Holland is the second government minister to announce his departure from politics, after Gary Crossman.

The Minister of Health's Bruce Fitch also gave hints that he was considering his political future. There will be an announcement in the near future, he said this week.

According to a report by Jacques Poitras of CBC

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